Android is an operating system that is used on most smartphones. It comes with many applications including a browser. The android browser is implemented by Google for use on android supported Smartphone. The Android browser enables internet connection on the smartphones. The Android browser has advantages over the browsers used on other smartphones.

The Android browser supports flash. Flash is the most common development platform used for developing graphic intensive web pages and applications. Web pages and applications developed in flash load faster and requires little signal strength. This makes the Android supported phones load WebPages faster than other smartphone devices. The Android browser supports the same V8 java script engine as the Google Chrome, hence becoming the fastest mobile browser. It has more HTML5 features, interfacing the browser with hardware. You can access the camera, the accelerometer for rotating the screen, the microphone and applications like instant messaging, all in your Android browser.

The Android web browser can be embedded as a widget in devices that are not supported by the Android operating system, allowing the display of HTML material and faster internet browsing. The Android browser is based the WebKit engine, enabling the WebView widget to host the web pages requested by applications. These applications seek internet permission from the operating system.

The Android browser is built on voice recognition technology which enables voice based keyword search on Google. Users are able to speak their keywords in British or American accent and the search engine looks for the search items for them. The Google search engine accepts recorded voice through the speech recognition facility in android browser and picks up any search text spoken. The results of such search are tailored to the geographical location of the user.

The Android browser has the ability to back up data used on the web applications. Though this ability is not yet well incorporated into the applications, it is an advantage for the owners of these applications to get copies of their data in case there is a problem. One can send applications and associated data such as document ., music, videos and others directly to your smart phone all enabled by the browser.

Android browser also supports Google Maps. It is fairly possible to send directions on the desktop of the phone. These are automatically recognized and loaded by the browser. Advertisements can also be directly sent the Android Marketplace through the browser. They can also be downloaded.

Android is easy to plug into Exchange which is typically needed by businesses. It also synchronizes emails and calendars, making scheduling possible. Security features can also be set on the browser. You can set your Android browser to access certain sites or applications and not others. You may also set applications that may be able to open the browser when they need internet connection for updates or to run.
The Android web browser is presenting a new phase of mobile browsing. It makes mobile internet access feel as if it is on an ordinary desktop computer.

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