Once again, leaving the leaders like Nokia and Samsung behind, Apple is toppling the list of cellphone manufacturers by releasing various models of iPhone. And again a new miracle by Apple is the iPhone 4. The latest model is introduced with the catchy tag line "This changes everything. Again". Does it mean an evolution in the previous versions like 2G, 3G or 3GS? Let us find out how worthy is the new model to purchase.

The most visible change in the iPhone 4 is its slimmer, sexier and lighter body. It weighs 25% less than all the previous versions of iPhone generation. But this wont be the only change that would sway people to go for it.

Is there anymore? Yes, there are!

With a screen resolution of 960 X 540, the product is a real evolution. It has turned out to be a mini multimedia monster with this feature. The device with such a higher resolution (half of the projected display of a Full HD LCD TV) is a sure catch for those who love to watch videos in their portable devices. The audio quality is already at its best since the previous iPhone versions.

The iPhone 4 is also much faster on the move. The previous versions have Wi-Fi connectivity for browsing internet. The latest version possesses 802.11 which makes it even better mobile internet device.

Despite its low resolution, iPhones are known to have a fantastic camera. The iPhone 4 adds to the quality by providing a 5MP camera. A front camera is also added to the latest version.

A latest feature of video calling is added to the iPhone 4. However, the usefulness of the added video calling feature depends on user preference. Though majority of users are cheered up with this added feature, some people may find it a mere addition.

The most outstanding feature of the Apple iPhone 4 is its longer battery life as promised by the manufacturer. iPhone 4 brags of 7 hours of talk time on 3G and 14 hours on 2G, 300 hours standby, up to 10 hours of internet usage on Wi-Fi network, 10 hours of video playback and 40 hours of audio playback. So, in toto you can use iPhone 4 to the fullest while traveling without running out of charge.

With all these tremendous built-in features, iPhone 4 makes the best buy for those who do not possess a device on the line. But if you already possess an earlier version of the iPhone whether 2G, 3G or 3GS, waiting for a truly radical change would be the wisest way to go.

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