Let's Start from Human Resource Department:
• Will your have strong HR team and process to accommodate your organization growth, if not all your fund will ruin

Let's focus on the process:
• Hiring Team:
o Get the Organizational Requirements and Understand that, Position Open, respective Positions projected role and responsibilities (Job Description), Approved Cost structure at high level, Head Count Management Plan, Capacity plan, Resource Management Plan

o Process Support:
 Identified suitable People identified as Candidate and Enter into the system
 Interview and selection Process
 Compensation discussion and offer rollout
 Offer Acceptance follow-up till on-boarding and handover the candidate to post hiring team
 Convert the candidate profile into Employee and attach all the compensation and benefit details.

• Human Resource Partners:
o Post Hiring team will get in touch with the employee
o Organization Orientation
o If it a resource pool than move the employee to Resource Management team if the person is specific to account or department or project then introduce or handover to the specific reporting manager
o Background verification clearness and formal employment
o Taking care their probation period feedback and convert the employee to permanent employee
o Appraisal (Promotion or demotion) process
o 360 degree feedback, Team building , Skip level meetings
o Employee Handling ( Sexual harassment etc)
o Employee Retirement , Exit policies
o Organizational code of conduct, Dress code , Leave Management and Attendance Management regulatory etc
o Employee Satisfaction Survey

• Human Resource Team structure:
Incase if you have flat structure:
• HR VP, HR Directors, Senior Mgr HR, Manager HR, Assistant Mgr HR, Team Lead HR, Senior Executive HR, Executive HR

Tools might help you to automate the above process
• People Soft , Workday , SAP HR etc

Key Reports/artifacts:
• Resource Hiring Update
• Resource Exit /Attrition Update
• Resource Capacity plan /Forecast Report
• Resource Utilization Report, Head count report
• Organization Chart
• Organization Resource Leveling
• Hiring Process
• Promotion or demotion Process (Appraisal)
• Relocation Process
• Continuous Improvement report using Employment satisfaction survey
• Organizational Policy and Code of Contact and Employee Handbook
• Organizational Orientation Handbook

Most of the time people make the mistake to resize the HR Team in an organization. Since the HR team is shared service and it's not a direct revenue generating account.

This cost center should resize according to the business need. For example the thumb rule is 100 people 1 recruitment team member, 1 HR resource partner. Or 1 person per account or department.

Best proven theory in HR Management side:
Mostly keep women in Human resource side since they have more patience to listen to the employees side view in case of any issues.

About Author / Additional Info:
Arivuvel Ramu|Architect|GalaxESolutions