The conventional intelligence and the computational intelligence are two different kinds of things. The conventional intelligence refers to the Artificial Intelligence where as the computational intelligence refers to the soft computational intelligence. Each and every large organization has its own research and development sectors to enhance the various intelligent entities. The research and development sectors utilize the principles of conventional intelligence to build various intelligent packages like medical diagnostic packages, machine repair and maintenance packages and the packages for scientific analysis and engineering design.

In fact a system can not think as we think, but it gives expert opinion based on the intelligent information, which have already been fed into it. It selects one out of many opinions depending upon the input data and information.

The various intelligent packages are:-

• MYCIN -used for general medicinal diagnosis.
• HELP- used to diagnose the heart disease.
• PUFF- it diagnose the lungs disease.
• CADUCEOUS- it evaluates over 4000 symptoms to recognize 600 diseases.
• PROSPECTER- it is a GIS intelligent package use to predict the possible location of mineral deposits.
• DELTA- it diagnoses the problem at drilling sites and assist maintenance worker to correct malfunction regarding trouble shooting and repairing.

So thousands of such intelligent packages are their, which are based on the principles of conventional intelligence and it is one of the core work of any research and development sector.
If we analyze the current research trends we also find that the researchers are trying to transform the robot into human like and also they are getting major success. Here they are using the principles of computational intelligence by designing the artificial neural networks. Basically the artificial neural networks are designed in robot's brain to store the human perceptions, thinking and judgments in such a way that the gap can not be distinguished between artificial intelligence and natural intelligence. So it is a best alternative substitute of Human, who can perform complex and critical tasks for a longer period of time without feeling any diligence. So a robot can act like an expert doctor or expert chemist or an expert foot ball player depending on the intelligent application used in the robot's brain.

So we can conclude that learning (may be human learning or machine learning) is an intelligent process, but memorizing is purely a storing process. Because the actual learning involves the perception, conceptions, thinkings, judgments and so many.
The research and development sectors are also still trying to transform the human learning (natural intelligence) to machine learning (artificial intelligence).

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