Everybody knows how a seminar is being conducted and what a seminar or a presentation looks like. On one side is the presenter who presents the seminar and on the other attendees who listen and interact with the presenter. The only technology being used here is the projector to display PowerPoint slides and maybe a laser pointer. Nobody ever thought that it could get better than this. However, imagine a scenario you are participating in a seminar thousands of miles away just by sitting in your home or office or may be giving lecture to hundreds of students around the globe in real time and also answering for their questions and clearing their doubts. Well, this is exactly what a webinar does.

Online conferencing uses simple and affordable technologies like internet, speakers or headphone and webcam. This means that neither the webinar host nor the participant needs to be physically present in the same location but it creates the feeling as if they were sitting together in the same room. Thus, you may present, listen to, or interact with various people all at the same time in various regions of the globe without spending any time and money in traveling and other expenditures as well.

There are numerous webinar services in the market but the vendors such as RHUB serves its best to the user. There are various advantages in using webinars. Such as;

• The netmeetings can be conducted from 2 to more than a 1000 people anywhere in the world.
• The meetings can be conducted in real time and it can be recorded from any point.
• As long as there is an internet access and a computer you can interact with people anywhere.
• Cost savings from travel and material cost.
• The participants can become a part of the meeting because of features like desktop control, whiteboard and chat.
• Application sharing feature allows participants to check the internet at the same time. This is especially good for training and research purposes.
• Desktop files and computer files can be shared with all the participants.

However, webcast software is not easy to use and deploy but also inexpensive. Webinar is perhaps the best alternative to face to face physical meeting. It helps us truly understand what the other person is saying. These services are covered with several benefits such as communication at lower cost, better voice quality and reduced traveling. The possibilities are virtually endless in using webinar. So, start using and realize its benefits of your own!

About Author / Additional Info:
BrianTiller is a Sales Executive residing in California. He uses the 4-in-1 RHUB Remote Appliance for web conferencing and remote access. To learn more about RHUB, please visit rhubcom.com