In the world of marketing, there are a number of ways to get your intended message to your target market.

One of the oldest and most reliable is using classified ad or another type of advertisement (advertorial, billboard ad etc...) to drive interest towards an 0800 number to call.

When doing so, there are 3 proven and typical ways to use that 0800 number to generate a desired response in marketing (typically direct mail marketing, but sometimes internet marketing as well)...

1) As a response device itself. When a person responds to a classified ad in this scenario, they leave information on a voicemail controlled by the 0800 number. The information can be as complex as name, address, phone, email address, etc... or as simple as a name and number in which to call back and exchange for a "free package" of some type. The information gained can be used in a continued marketing process, much like a squeeze page is used in internet marketing.

2) As an information delivery device. In this scenario, when a person responding to an ad calls the 800 number, they are expecting a free bit of information as explained in the advertisement they responded to. After hearing this information, the person responding takes a desired action (a "next step" in the marketing process), and the remainder of that marketing process takes place.

3) As a call to action itself. Here, the person responding to some form of marketing calls an 0800 number and speaks to a representative or sales person directly. Either a sales person attempts to sell the person directly, or obtains contact information from the "call-in", and proceeds as planned.

If speaking to a representative, the person calling in on the 0800 number will order a package to be shipped to the person directly, and that package will contain the "next step" in the marketing process, or the item being sold itself. Then the marketing process continues from that point forward.

These are all things to consider when using 0800 numbers in your marketing. Using 0800 numbers is a most effective form of marketing when a process is laid out and executed. Testing and tweaking of that process will need to be performed at every step along the way to ensure maximum results.

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