Acer has been in the process of making some of the most awesome devices these days and the shares of the company have been growing steadily. This has shown the growth of the company over the years. These new products are a testament to the hard work and the determination of the people to create some of the best devices in the world.

The research by the company into various aspects of the devices has made the products to be the best in the business at present. Some of the products that were ready for the sales are the Smartphone Stream that has many of the latest features including the Android 2.1 operating software included phone. This phone is going to give tough competition to some of the established market leaders in this segment, mainly because of the amazing features that are seen on the phone.

One of the most stunning new releases from the company is the LumiRead. This is a reader that has been created on the model of the e-book reader that has been on sale from Amazon, named the Kindle. The LumiRead has some amazing features that will help this device to not only be an e-book reader but also have some other features.

There are already many e-book readers that are available in the market and the fact that the Acer company has released another one in the same niche tells of the fact that the LumiRead should be having some amazing features for the company to realize that it will overtake the other readers in sales. Some of the e-book readers that are being used by the people to read the books are those like the Nook and Barnes. There are also some other companies that have their own in house book readers like the one for Noble.

Amazing features of the LumiRead

The fact that Acer has signed a deal with some companies like B&N and also to has made people to be aware that Acer is dead serious about the business and sales of the LumiRead

Some of the features of the LumiRead are that the device uses the same method as that of the Nook and that is the eInk display. The device has a big display unit that is about 6 inches. In spite of this, the device is very sleek and is only a few millimeters in thickness. The other features of the LumiRead include the 2 GB of flash memory that is present in the device. There is also another slot for a SD card to be inserted.

The LumiRead device can also be connected to the internet and that is the main purpose behind the creation of the device as it will help to download the e-books. The connection is possible both because of 3G as well as the Wi-Fi. The fact that the device supports Adobe as well as OMA2.0 format makes the device to be very handy in reading various kinds of books in these formats.

The LumiRead is sure to make a difference in the pleasure levels of those who use it to read e-books.

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