As there are various browsers, people have a lot of choice to work on for their browsing needs. In spite of this, the popularity of Windows and the Internet Explorer is well known. The reason for this is that many people have been using this browser for many years and they have got used to it. There are many times when the Internet explorer is slow and may not respond with the same speed as you would like it to. There are actually many reasons for this decrease in the speed of the browser and this article lists some of these methods that can make the internet explorer browser slow.

Older version:

The first and most common reason for the decrease in the speed of the internet browser on Windows, the internet explorer is that the older version of the browser may be installed in the computer that you are using. If the latest version is being used, then it would have more speed. As the version changes, the speed of the browsing will decrease.


The second reason for the decrease in the speed of the internet Explorer browser could be the presence of various viruses and other malware that could be in the computer. These viruses could slow down your computer and this is another reason for the speed of your browser to decrease very drastically. As the number of malware in your computer increases, there is a progressive decrease in the speed of the computer and then it may finally stop working too.

Internet connection:

The internet connection and the service provider of your internet connection may be the next reason for the decreased speed when you are browsing the internet. There are many service providers who are ironing out the various problems to provide seamless browsing experience for the people who are using the internet. In spite of all the efforts of the providers, there may be times when their servers are overloaded and this could cause your browsing speed to decrease drastically.

The website that you are using:

The other reason for the decrease in the speed of the browser is the increase in the number of visitors to the site that you are using. This is a common problem, especially if the server that is hosting the site is not able to keep pace with the number of visitors who are using the site. There is nothing that he user can do if this is the reason for the decreased speed of the browser.

Reset the browser settings:

If you would like to troubleshoot as to find out what the problem for the decrease in the speed of your browsing could be, then you can try to reset the settings that you are using for your browser. This will make sure that the browser will be back to its original settings, but all your favorites and all other aspects that you have stored will not be deleted and so you will be able to identify the problem behind the slowing down of the browser.

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