Over a period of time, a computer may require more capacity from his computer. The computer may not be able to provide this need and therefore a need for a better one. The old computer can be upgraded by increasing the RAM size, processor speed or hard disk size, instead of having to purchase a new one.

Upgrading an old computer is much easier and faster, but may be complicated as the performance of the other components must be considered when replacing one component. For instance, when increasing the memory size or hard disk size, the processor speed must be considered. Computer upgrades may also deliver some savings as only the needed components are replaces and not the entire system. It is also possible to save time that may be used for copying your data from the old computer to the new one.

Ram size may be increased for better and faster performance of a computer. The first thing to do if you want to increase the RAM size of your computer is to read the manuals that came with it to know the kind of memory your computer requires and how to change it. If after reading the manuals things are still not clear, consult the manufacturer. Most computers come with warranty, which may be lost when the it is opened, so read all warranties before opening the computer.

Another important thing when increasing at RAM size is to determine its speed and purchase a new one . Also check the memory module supported by your computer, whether it is single in-line or dual in-line. With the single in-line, a new chip with higher capacity may may be needed. The dual in-line module may take an additional RAM chip to the old one. Determine any other parameter like the number of pins on the motherboard and the number of RAM slots available before purchasing a new RAM chip.

There may also be need to increase the hard disk space of the computer to correspond to increased storage needs. Hard disk space is in a way related to the speed of the computer as part of it is used for the virtual memory. Some computers have spare power cables and buses for connection of additional hard disks. The original hard disk may be maintained and the new one only added as a slave. In the case where there are no spare power cables, the old hard disk may be replaced by a larger newer one or an external hard disk, connected via the universal serial port may be appropriate.

Processors may also be replaced to increase the processing capacity of a computer system. Replacing a processor may not be so simple and may require some level of skill to do. It will be best to contact the manufacturer or a qualified computer repairer to do this for you.

Upgrading an old computer may be more helpful than purchasing a new one altogether; you have your data intact, you save some money and have your peace of mind.

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