The question of control or censorship on the use of internet

First of all, internet is such a mode of communication on which you can not easily control or censor the flow of information; secondly, those who use it (the up-loaders and the down-loaders of information) must show their sense of responsibility. Creating natural rather than artificial filters will help solve the problem.

You cannot stop evil coming in this world. For the wise its presence is necessary to distinguish between good and evil. However, we cannot deny the fact that evil can easily sting and bite many. Some people know this thing and they deliberately use internet to avail the opportunity of damaging the others. There is no need to use examples to prove this point. We all know that many do this mischief and there is no one such singular easy way to stop it. The very creation of internet is the outcome of opportunistic technology of the modern times. Thus the opportunists avail it to the maximum. Technology carries no baggage but the morality does. The former aspect of life is impersonal but the later is personal. Moreover, technology produces everything and therefore has a big market. It sometimes doesn't tolerate morals coming in the way, and why should it do so? There is no match between the money and the morals. The morals are like old coins ever have their chance to survive in the world, but the money always shine on the glittering surface of the credit card in the wallet.

As said in the beginning, you cannot control or censor the things on the internet; for money come in the way, which are powerful than moral principles or laws of some kind. And so for erecting natural filters, it depends how much natural instincts are alive in you. They too are in poor state of affairs in the mechanical world of today. The world of 'information overload' is burying man deep into the world of scattered facts where creating a meaningful shape is almost impossible.

All are trying to catch the rhythm of the electrons and tune their body and mind to their dancing rhythm. Sometimes the minor disruption comes and it disturbs the rhythm, but it can be ignored.

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