Development Technique:
Development Methodology will guide the team or group of software development professional to develop the product or implement the project as a structured way

Types of Popular Development Technique:
1. Test Driven Development
2. Model Driven Development

Test Driven Development Approach:
TTD is one of the famous development technique in the agile programmer world. Those who wants do parallel development of the unit test case as well implement the specific implementation to that test case and make it work.

Step of doneness:
1. Write a Unit test cases
2. Check if the test fail
3. If the test fail, then write the production code (implementation)
4. Run all the test cases
5. Clean up all the code bases

Unit Test Case:
Testing the specific low level scenario or specific code block or method is called as Unit Testing. As part of Test driven development 5 different unit test cases needs to be identified and written in the specific Unit testing framework.

Types of Test Scenarios:
1. Happy path
2. Negative path
3. Boundary Condition (Min & Max)
4. Null Check Handling
5. Run Time Exception Handling

Unit Testing Framework:
For Java, we have JUnit as well EasyMork is available to us to code the Java Unit test cases against the Java Implementation.
For Dot Net, we have NUnit is available to us to code Dot Net (C#/VB.Net) unit test cases.

Model Driven Development Approach:
MMD is the best technique for Service or component based product implementation which need strong governance model for artifacts generation and better traceability.
Step of doneness:
1. Understand the Primary/Initial Requirements and analysis the initial understanding
2. Model the Static/Behavioral component design for specific use case
3. CDR- 1 (Critical design review - round 1) - review your initial model with Business Analyst, SME and Architect
4. Elaborate your design with appropriate input from the participant
5. Generate the Implementation artifacts or code using TC files from the model
6. Baseline the model as well Maintain the version for the Model and the generated artifacts.
Types of Modeling Approach:
1. Component Centric Model Design
2. Service Specific Model Design (SOMA)
3. Use Case Specific Model Design

Tools Used for MMD:
1. Select
2. Visio
3. IBM Rational Rose
4. IBM Rational Software Architect

About Author / Additional Info:
Arivuvel Ramu
Technical Architect (SOA)