Nowadays the use of a little device called mobile phone is at an out bursting stage. From the beginning, mobile phones have been changing rapidly. Today, one of the leading mobile manufacturers LG has come up with their latest product LG Ally an Android 2.1. Smartphone. The mobile phone is a dual band CDMA 800 /1900 MHz. It is one of the newest additions to the Android family. This device is smart and reliable and you can have it at an affordable price.


The exterior of this handset is 116 x 56 x 16 inches and the weight of this phone is 158 grams, which makes it into one of the lightest weight phone. It has a QWERTY keypad with special features.


It has a very high quality 3.1 inch touch screen display with live wallpapers. You do not have to press the buttons now. Just touch it and it will do as you say. The coolest thing is now you can have live wallpapers on your mobile screen. It has a resolution of 480 x 600 pixels and it can display almost 262,144 colors. So, it has got more pixels than the very popular iphone.


The keyboard of LG Ally is one of the biggest. With four rows and each row stretching from end to end, it is massive. The individual keys under the thumb feel outstanding. Like Blackberry Bold 9700 each key of LG Ally is carved. It has buttons on left and right side. Use it and you will get a lifetime experience guaranteed.


The LG Ally has an amazing camera which is 3.2 mega pixels and it will get the picture as you expect. The camera has also got a LED with flash and it can focus automatically with various effects, white balance, and self timer. You can edit the pictures that you have taken on this device.


An internal memory of 102 MB will be provided for data storage. By using an external microSD card you can expand the memory up to 32 GB. This is enough to store a lot of data.

Other Features

The stylish LG Ally is power-driven by a MSM7627 600 MHz processor. Unlike any of the other devices on the market to have Android, which could be Android 1.5 or 1.7, the LG Ally has the latest, Android 2.1. Another interesting feature of LG Ally i9s that you will be provided a nice theme with the phone and you can choose your own theme too.


Another amazing feature of LG Ally is its fast data speed. That means when you connect your phone to the internet it will perform quite fast. You will also get pre-installed HTML browser and service like Facebook, twitter, Gmail, Goggle talk, Google Maps, You Tube etc. It has all other common features like the common phones on the market, like a super fast Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS etc. You will also get a battery that will provide you massive power. You will also get a USB cable and an AC adapter when you buy it.

You can have this phone only at a price of $99!. So, what are you waiting for?

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