These days every computer user is worried about computer viruses. So we will discuss some types of the virus, the way in which they attack your computer and also the methods on how we can prevent these viruses. This article will be helpful for the home users to detect the virus and then remove them. To prevent your computer from the virus attack you must have a basic idea about what a virus is.

A virus is a type of program designed with malicious intentions; it replicates itself and spreads from one computer to another. Once a virus runs on your computer, then it can perform many operations to harm the computer. A virus can delete your files from the computer, or can damage the registry of your computer to crash your operating system or sometimes your whole computer too.

Sometime hackers spread their viruses by attaching them with the Microsoft word files or with any other images. When you open this file the virus runs itself at the background and infects your computer.

Now we will discuss how we can protect our computer from these viruses. You can protect your computer from the computer viruses by installing an up-to date antivirus in your computer. Many antivirus software are available on the Internet and you can purchase any one according to the performance of the antivirus. Many well known companies offer the trial versions for the users. You can download the trial version as it is free and test if it is fulfilling your requirements, or if your computer is protected now. After the verification you can purchase the antivirus. Secondly always keep your antivirus up-to date because it helps to detect the newly identified viruses.

Another method to prevent your computer from viruses is through firewalls. A firewall is a very useful tool as it is used to filter all the traffic being sent from your computer or being received by your computer. We can understand the concept of the firewall in this way that the firewall is a security guard of your computer and just as whenever anyone enters your house security guard checks if it a valid person or not the firewall also checks if the traffic which is passing from your computer is authenticated or not. A variety of software-based firewalls are available on the Internet and you can download some like Zone Alarm, Norton Internet Security and Trend Micro.

You can also adopt another method for preventing your computer from the virus. If you are using Microsoft Windows then always check for the security updates for your computer.

Another important tip is that if the sender of the email is unknown then do not open any attachments with the e-mail. Now we'll see how to identify infected computers. The infected computers usually have following symptoms. The start and shutdown of the computer becomes slow. Your original data over the hard disk is missing. You can have strange error messages and the fonts seem to be distorted and overlapped.

To resolve this problem scan your computer thoroughly. These are a few tips for the prevention of virus attack on your computer.

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