A CPU (central processing unit) is sometimes called as the brain of the computer. It is responsible for executing and interpreting many commands generated by the hardware or software of the computer. You must have some basic information about the processors and the working of the processors. It is also useful for you while the purchasing of the processor and this article will help you in buying the right processor.

A few elements are there that you need to consider when looking at processors for your computer. We usually think about which processor will be best for our computer. We need to look at a socket type of the processor. If you don't know what these socket types are you don't have to be worried. They are the Pins that are located on the bottom of the processor. The pattern and the number of pins located on the processor determine the type of the processor. Front sided bus is used to transfer the data from the front side to the motherboard. This affects the overall performance of the computer.

Secondly if you want to purchase a processor you should determine if it is compatible with your motherboard or not. While purchasing the processor you have to take care about the compatibility of this processor with your motherboard as Motherboard and Socket type go hand in hand.

The speed at which a processor can process the data is called the bus speed of the processor and this also is an important factor while choosing a processor for your computer. However we know that when a processor will work faster then it will become hotter also. For the cooling of the processor, we use the fan attached above the processor socket. Many well known companies have their own fans with the processors in order to cool down the processor. If your processor's fan will not work then there is a great chance that your processor will become damaged. So if you want to use the computer for many hours continuously, then the best option is for you is to choose the processor along with the Fan.

A CPU cache is also an important part of the processor as the CPU cache is also used by the central processing unit of the computer. It reduces the average time required to access. Cache is a memory which is used to store the data from the most frequently used main memory location.

There are two main producers of processors. Intel and AMD both have their own good points. Most people will have heard more of Intel, or have heard of the Pentium processors. AMD came into the market late but rivals Intel in quality for value. Intel does still have some edge as they produce the chipsets, which allows them to adapt faster to new technologies. However the AMD 64 and Pentium D are about equal so the choice of who to go with is up to you and depends on your personal preferences and needs.

Now I think you will have a basic idea to be able to decide what type of processor is better for your motherboard, you might want to check out some of these top manufacturers AMD or INTEL.

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