There is one thing I definitely learnt over the past few years, since I started dealing with computers almost 24/7, that when it comes to computers support you really should know what are you legally can demand for. So gather round my fellows and listen to a tale of my experience. I am an Everquester and my search for customer service. I have been playing this game since last five years from now and trust me it's addictive. I own a HP computer, one of the finest systems I have ever used and I never faced any problem, and neither would have if I wouldn't have experienced this.

Last month on a fated morning, the Everquest staff decided to upgrade their graphics, so they switched to Direct X 7 from Direct X 5 and all of us, Everquesters had to upgrade. I tried calling my manufacturers but the number I had been in service anymore. So I tried calling a local technician for upgrading my graphic card and increasing the memory as well. Well, no surprise, I was on hold for no less than an hour listening to "All of our available customer service representatives are currently assisting other guests. Please continue to hold. You are the fifty-third person in line". That wasn't any good to me but I had no choice. So I waited. After I got connected to a technician he assured me to visit with the RAM and the graphic card the next day. Oh great! The next day he arrived with the two and the installation process went completely fine, as it look though. After half an hour of that hectic installation process I finally expected to go back to my game and then when I realized that my machine cannot boot up. Wao! That made me mad. I called up the same technician again and he replied I have to go through the same procedure again to avail the service. And I thought that's definitely not possible, I can't go through the same pain again.

So I called up iYogi as my dad suggested me. My dad told me that he once used their support and he was satisfied with them. My call got connected instantly and then this lady answered and I told her my problem. She listened to me very patiently and then asked me to wait till she connected herself remotely to my system. This took about ten minutes. And then she guided me with few obvious steps and then she asked me whether I had gotten the new patch for my video card. Of course I hadn't, but when I downloaded it and installed it in the game worked fine as well as the computer. All finally ended well! I was very satisfied with iYogi's customer service as well. I completely agreed to dad that they were very well spoke with their accent. I didn't face any problem working with them. Well done iYogi!

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