In my childhood I used to know this boy named Ahmed. He lived in a small town outside my city. He used to live on a ranch and his bred horses. Ahmed was kind and respectful to all the people he used to meet. I used to go to ranch for horse riding every weekend with my dad. I was 16 then and he was a year elder to me. And he used have a charisma and he was a great kid. His ranch was four hours drive away from me. One weekend I went to a friend's graduation party. I was all lonely there as it was a party for teens and I was too small to het dragged in the party. The party was just dragging and I was sitting outside the pool until he got there with his friends. That's where I met this guy. He came up to me and we clicked in seconds. We began to talk and it continued for hours. I don't know if you believe in love at first sight but we two were for sure. I never dated any guy before this. There was no way that I actually meet my forever person, the future spouse this young. It doesn't happen like that. I went with the flow. We spoke whole night until the party was over and in morning I felt that I knew him since ages. After coming back home also I started dreaming about him. It was all those kid fantasies of a sixteen year old girl. The next day morning I got to know that he and his family left the town and went off somewhere else. Though I was real sad but that was the end of it. I never spoke to him after that.

A week back I found this guy on Facebook. I was excited about the whole feel once again. I couldn't check his whole profile because of the privacy lock so I sent him a friend request and right after that my computer froze. That struck me bad. So I rebooted my machine twice and it started working again. Phew!! That was a relief! But I couldn't enjoy having that relive much. My computer started getting unresponsive in every hour. I never had gone through any problem with my machine before this. And now when it as urgent for me to be on my computer, I got these headaches. I was almost on the verge of losing my temper when my local technician told me to send my machine to them for a week to get this repaired. A week... I can't wait till a week. So two days I managed operating my Facebook account from my friend's house where I mailed him my introduction and how I knew him. And after two days my friend went off to vacation with his family and there where m back to square one.

I tried restarting my machine and it also worked for an hour when I goggled about this company called iYogi. They provide tech support for computers. I went through their forums and I found that there are many people who are very satisfied with their tech support and they have this huge list of delighted customers. So I finally decided to check them out. I made them a call and I got connected to an expert within no time. And then I explained him my problem to which he assured me to resolve it as soon as possible. He instructed me with few steps and I followed them carefully and now I have no problems with my machine. I am really thankful to iYogi for making this long distance relationship short by making my computer run as smooth as earlier. I now can talk to him, chat or mail anything without any disturbance.

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