The need for the anti virus software in your system is well known. Almost all the systems that are being used have an anti virus software. This is because if the anti virus software is not being used to scan your computer, then you run a huge risk of causing great damage to your computer that you will only regret about, but cannot do anything. This is the reason for you to install the best effective anti virus system in your computer, as you do not need to regret later on.

There are various companies that have anti virus software and they are all very similar in the kind of work that you do. They all use a scanning method that will help you to be able to identify the presence of a virus and then take appropriate action on the virus. This action could be either quarantining the virus and the file or it could also be deletion of the file. This depends on the creation of the software and also the other factors like the destructibility of the virus.

There are certain principles that you have to know based on which the antivirus software works. The principles are listed here.

1. Record of the virus:

The first method that is used by many anti virus software to identify a virus is that they already have a huge list of all the possible viruses that could be present in the system. This is like a database of the viruses in the antivirus software. So each time you scan the computer, your antivirus software will check to see if any of the virus that are in the database of the software are actually present in your computer. This will make the software to identify these viruses when you scan the computer. Each time you update the virus software, any new additions to the database of the virus occurs and this helps the anti virus software to prevent the latest virus from entering into your system.

2. Creating a decoy file:

The virus that enters your computer usually tries to attach itself to all the files in the computer and this is what is called virus infection. To prevent the virus from affecting the computer, the anti virus software needs to identify the presence of the virus and this is the first step that the anti virus software has top do. To do this, the anti virus software starts creating files that are hidden from the user of the computer. These files are closely watched by the anti virus software when each scan of the computer is done. If there is a modification in the decoy files made by the virus, then the presence of the virus is confirmed by the software and adequate preventive measures are taken by the anti virus software by deleting the appropriate files.

These are the two methods that are usually used by any anti virus software to identify the presence of a virus. This article makes one to understand the need for the regular update of the anti virus software too.

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