Anti virus software can be seen in almost all computers. It has become essential for you to install anti virus software in your computer to protect your computer from all kinds of viruses. There are also various other reasons for you to install the anti virus software in your computer and these are all listed here.

1. Increases life of your computer:

If the computer that you use does not have a proper anti virus scanner, then the number of viruses that may be present in your computer can be a lot and this can cause your computer to be damaged very quickly. The system will become slower and then die a slow quiet death. As you have an anti virus software in your computer, it will help to destroy all the virus that get downloaded on to your computer and this will help to increaser the life of your computer.

2. Prevents slowing of your computer:

There are many viruses that take up a lot of space and also occupy all the files that are on your computer. When this happens, all the space that are free and empty on your computer gets occupied by these viruses and so the computer slows down a lot. You can prevent this slowing of the computer if you are able to have a proper anti virus software that can help to speed up the system.

3. Prevents files being corrupted:

One of the most important activities done by the anti virus software is that it prevents the various files in your computer from being corrupted. This corruption of the files in your computer can affect various programs that you have installed in your computer and once they are all corrupted, some of the programs cannot be re used by you again. So to prevent you from losing the money that you have invested in the computer and the programs, it is better to have an anti virus software that will be effective against almost all of the recent and potent viruses.

4. Saves important data:

The data that you have in your computer may be very important and you may not be able to get that data again. If you do not have a good anti virus, all these data will be either corrupted or will be lost. You will not be able to retrieve the data again. To save all the data on your computer against deletion, anti virus is very important.

5. To protect against phishing attacks:

The computer that is connected with the internet has a great chance of being affected when there is a phishing attack. In any such attack, the various programs that are used by various hackers online tries to enter ands succeeds in entering the computer. It will start corrupting your system and al the important data including passwords, bank account information or credit card information that you have stored in your computer will be transferred and can be used to cheat you off your money.

To prevent all these, anti virus software is very essential.

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