Binfer is a Next Generation of Large File Transfer Desktop Application.

Binfer is a highly secure, state of art community software tool that sends and receives large files between your PC/Laptop directly to and from your friend's, families, and contact's PC/Laptop. It supports all file types including videos, pictures and document . to name a few. There are no uploads to any hosting server!

Fast, easy to use, private, practical and time saving alternative to FTP, email attachments and website uploads.

Private File Sharing Transfer HD Videos Send 1000's of Pictures Secure PC to PC transfers
Hassle Free Big File transfers Spyware Free and Advertisement Free
Safe for Family Efficient for Business Resourceful for Teams and Workgroups

Practical and Time Saving

Uploading large files to web sites or waiting for Network resources to receive big files is a huge waste of time, both for the senders and receivers. Binfer makes file sharing practical and easy. Send large files of any size, type and quantity and Binfer will transfer them. If the transmission gets interrupted for any reason, they will be automatically resumed.

Fast and Easy

It has never been easier to send and receive large files. Simply add recipients from your contact list, import contacts from Outlook or simple type your contacts name and email address, drag and drop files and leave Binfer on. Once recipients start Binfer on their computer, files will be transferred directly from yours to the recipient's computer. And since there are no uploads or downloads, file transfers are very fast.

Your files are sent directly from your computer to the recipient's computer using private file sharing technology [also known as friend-to-friend/private P2P]. They are not kept on any servers. Only you and your recipients know what has been sent. You have complete control over your data. Binfer is maintenance free application with no footprints, whatsoever, on Data Exposure.

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