Laptops and smart phones are very important in our life because they are the best technology and they help us to keep in touch with the people around us, especially our near and dear ones. These devices are also very useful in the various business activities that people do. Real time communication is possible and there are many more amazing advantages of these devices. In fact they have so many applications that it takes months for a normal person to get through all the applications that are present in the devices.

On the other hand, it is possible that there are some people who are always meddling with the laptops and smart phones. The reason is that they want to learn all there is in these devices as soon as possible. This is good, but when they start using all the applications that are available in the laptop or in the smart phone, it reduces the time that is spent with the family and also destroys the quality time that is spent with friends.

The reasons for the lack of time with family and friends because of the laptops and smart phones are listed here.

1. Portable:

Since the devices are very portable, they can be carried by the person to all the places where they go. This causes the person to keep using them at all times. In fact, there are people who use the devices even when they are on a vacation. This increased use of the devices is possible only because they are portable and so as they are carried along with the person to every place, there is time only to use them and the time with the family is reduced.

2. Games:

The number of games and the variety of games that are available on these smart phones and laptops are also very high. This makes the person to try to play these games at all times and at all places. Other than that, the person may try to beat his own score the next time. There are people who play online games through these devices. Facebook has got various social games and so do other sites. These can be played through the laptops and the smart phones. This is the other reason for the lack of time for the people to be able to get close with the family as they seem to get addicted to these games.

3. Videos:

It has become easy to create a video and also to upload it to one of the many online sites. Photos and videos make the person to get closer to the millions of other similar users all over the world through the social sites and also through blogs. This is also possible through these devices. This too has made it impossible for the person to have time to spend with the family.

4. Troubleshooting:

There are some people who keep trying new things on their devices. This includes trouble shooting various things on the laptops and the smart phones. As they keep doing this, they get addicted to just meddling with the devices in a quest to find some solution or find some method of overcoming the troubles in the device. This too can lead to the person using up a lot of time and ignoring the family.

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