I presented my son, Chris, a laptop as a birthday gift on his 17th birthday. He was very happy and excited about it. I bought that laptop through Home Shopping Network in June 2010. As it was the summer holidays, he used to be glued to that laptop since morning till evening. It was a satisfaction that he liked my gift. Chris used to be a heavy user of that laptop. Starting from listening to songs to making projects all used to be done in that laptop only. We also used to have a desktop but since the laptop has been introduced, Chris almost packed that the older computer in the store room.

Right after two months that laptop started having problems with the screen. There was a bad oscillating picture that showed nothing. All I could see is a vertical roll and no picture at all. As I knew the laptop is pretty new so I didn't take much tension of getting it fixed. I asked Chris to work on the desktop till I get this new one fixed. I called in the warranty and sent it back to be fixed. After like two days I got it back and within a few days the problem again raised up. It's then I realized that it hadn't been fixed. It was still malfunctioning. I called the manufacturers again and filed a complaint. I sent that laptop back to them to get it fixed again. I received it back and the problem was still there. Are you kidding me? I started using it and the problem is still there. It was like those old days when your grandma's old TV would vertically roll until you adjusted it and it would jump up so fast that you couldn't see the picture. Well my problem was similar but at a faster rate until there was the snowy picture that was rolling so fast that I just couldn't see the screen's display. I was totally frustrated that it's been four days and I couldn't get my screen fixed. Huh!! So I took a video of what my computer screen is going through and sent it them along with the computer to make them understand what I was talking about to those lame asses. I also researched a little bit about what problem it may be that made the laptop so ill. So I finally came to the conclusion that the problem was software that's harming my laptop's screen. So I did a little bit of leg work now, I called them up and tried to convey the problem and what might be fixed. All said and done and conveyed to them and my laptop went in for fourth time and came back once again not fixed. That was the limit of mine to lose the temper. To add the insult to my injury, my laptop had a big healthy scratch on it. When I confronted them about it, they told me that it was already there..........! How can you win against it? It was completely disgusted and I let the warranty expire because I realized no matter how many times I sent it back to them, they were not going to fix it. After that I could see the problem getting worse. I also mailed them about how I felt about the whole problem and their ability to fix it even on warranty. To which they replied me asking if I wanted to extend my warranty....... Limit to the core!!

I was completely disheartened to this whole situation and how I am going to face my child. I promised him to get that fixed and I failed. I wasted my money and time both on this laptop and on their manufacturer. I was so upset on it, that I was about to buy another laptop for him when this computer shopkeeper insisted me to check a website. I took his words and went back home and surfed this website www.iyogi.net. I went through the profile and I realized it's a independent technical support company who provides support for all brands and models of all company products. I also went through the forums and testimonials where I found that they actually solved many problems and are also capable of helping me. I instantly called them up and explained my problem to a technician; he heard me patiently and guided me with few steps that finally fixed my computer screen. He used that tool that remotely connected him to my computer. videos.iyogi.net iYogi finally made me see my computer screen as earlier. I then thanked them and presented that laptop back to my son Chris. He was happy and so was I. iYogi brought smile to both of our faces.

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