Domain names are very important for an internet marketer. There are many internet marketers with very little knowledge about the use and also the role played by these domain names in making the site search engine optimized. Domain names are also used as a business where people sell them and buy cheap ones. There are various other roles of domain names too. This article lists the various important issues about domain names.

1. The name itself:

The domain name is very important as it should be similar to the name of the business. This will help to make the business more visible when people search for the site. There are many domain names that are easily available. At the same time, there are also many other names that are not easily available and are very costly.

2. The domain extension:

As time goes by, there are many more extensions for the domain names that are cropping up. The domain names depend on the extension. The extensions are much more expensive if bought. The very common domain extensions are .net, .com, .org. Other than this, there are many other domain extensions that are very dependent on the place where the person is living. This includes extensions like .in, .usa, .uk. The cheapest domain extensions are .info and other newer extensions.

3. The domain as a search engine optimization tool:

Domain names and extensions can be used for search engine optimization in many ways. An extension that is very popular will be more easily remembered and sought after by all people. Similarly, if the domain name is similar to the niche product being marketed, then the domain name itself becomes a tool for search engine optimization.

4. Importance of domain names in internet marketing:

There are many internet marketers who buy these domain names in bulk with all the extensions of a particular domain name being purchased by the individual. This will prevent another person buying the domain with a different extension and starting a business that becomes a rival to your own business.

5. Importance of shorter domain names:

The shorter the domain name, the more easily is it remembered by the people. If you have a domain name named after you and you have a name that is not easily pronounced or remembered, then your site will be very difficult if it is used in business. It would be better if it is used as a personal site as you may not be planning to make any money from it.

6. Domain name business:

If you have a mind of a business man, then you could even start a business in buying and selling domain names. There are many companies that provide cheap domain names for their customers and in the process make a lot of money. There are many such sites that deal in selling, buying, reselling and registering domain names.

These are the various facts about domain names that every individual who is interested in internet or owning a web site should know.

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