If the notebook is too large for you, go for a netbook. Laptops seem heavy? Try a netbook. It is mini notebooks, also called the ultra portables.
Actually it is a line of sub notebooks very widely accepted and adopted by people. It are taking new shapes and acquiring new efficiency everyday.
Equipped with general computing capacity and web based application access are light weight and inexpensive laptops. It can also be used as a booster to the other computer access and therefore are marketed as 'companion devices'. It lack optical drives have smaller screens and keyboards and have also reduced computing specifications and capacity. It is significantly cheaper than other laptops. They are so affordable that in 2009 the customers of some wireless data carriers were offered it free of charge on the purchase of extended services from them.

The concept of netbook can be related to the emergence of the Network Computer concept back in 1990s. In 1997 Apple brought forward the subcompact laptop called the eMate 300 which was a hybrid of Apple Newton PDA and a conventional laptop. It was discontinued in 1998. Psion introduced their netbook line OLPC XO - 1 and Palm Foleo as small, light weight, portable and network enabled computers, which are now discontinued. It has got pace with the advent of Asus Eee PC brought by Asus. It was an 8.9" by 6.5" device weighing 0.9 kg, having a 7" display and a keyboard 85% in size of that of a normal laptop.

It have solid state drives instead of hard disc drives which are more shock resistant and need lesser power but they have lesser storage capacity like 8, 16 or 32 GB. It support Wi - Fi network connection and also can be used for mobile network connections. Also it supports the broadband or dial up internet access also. As per operating system is concerned, it can be availed with Windows, Linux, Android, Chrome OS, Mac OS X and some other operating such as FreeBSD, OpenBSD, Darwin and Moblin.

It are running in the market with great pace and actually competing with the laptops very well. In 2008 the sale of notebooks was 11.4 millions which leapt to 35 millions in 2009. It is supposed to go as high as 139 millions by 2013.

It lately has started featuring larger screens taking into account the users' demand. It has today a display of 10", weight of 1.2 kg, 1 GB memory and 160 GB Drive. It's also containing features supporting both home and mobile network.

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It are running in the market with great pace and actually competing with the laptops very well.