#1 Organization Type:
• Metrics Reporting (Metrics Organization)
o Project Manager empower to take a decision and execute any project or program
o Executives will facilitate the initiatives and sourcing the funds
o Sales and Marketing teams closely work with Executives
o Better suited for Organization who is doing services to the external customers
o Profit Centers are cooked to the Cost Structure definition

• Functional Reporting (Functional Organization)
o Functional Manager or Vertical Leads or Segment Leads empower to take a decision and execute the project or program
o Service will be provided by Vertical or Department level to the customers
o Need enormous co-ordination with more than one department or vertical to success the horizontal or organization initiatives
o Better suited for Back offices , shared services organizations

• Hybrid Organization or Balanced Metrics
o Both Functional and Project managers will work collaborate for taking the decision making
o One of the best fit for Large organization who is doing multi level and multi site services and wide portfolio in their business

#2 Organization Portfolios:
* Any organization must have vision and mission defined clearly as part of their organizational roadmap.
* Depends on the organization will have wide Portfolios defined and align with their core vs supporting business functions.
* Portfolios will contain more than one Segment such as Telecom, Manufacturing, transportation, Healthcare etc
* Each segment contain the defines list of service and Initiatives list which contain the Available services, Project services, Planned services, Expired services.
* Each Initiative will contain more than one Program.
* Each program will contains more than one project,
* Each Larger project might have small sub projects (Internal, external, vendor and supplier etc) .

#3 Organization Shared Services:
• Human Resource : it contains following sub functions
o Hiring, Post Hiring, Employee self service and administration, Appraisals, Book Keeping, 360 Feedback, Compensation Negotiations ,Background verifications and people management.

• Training:
o Internal and External Trainings, Training Materials, Pre and Post training co-ordination and feedback collection, Courseware preparation, Softskill trainings, Cross country and cultural trainings, Internal trainers people management.

• Administration:
o Transportation, Book Keeping, House Keeping, Travelling Arrangement (International and domestic), Organizational buy or sell support, Sales Quote preparation, PO (Purchase order) preparations, All internal and external Private and Government arrangement.

• Finance:
o Compensation, Benefit, Salary Accounts, Cost center or profit centers, Fund management, Local and International tax management with local Government body
o Balance Sheet preparation and book keeping work

• Legal:
o Any domestic and international business and trading via legal and regularity check
o Audit team

#4 Core Functional Services:

• Functional Services:
o Finance SMEs, Application Support and Maintenance , IT Help Desk, Application Support Help Desk, Network Administration Team, Quality Assurance Team, Application Groups (Baan, SAP, EDI, SOA), SEPG

• Development (Product) Services:
o Quality Assurance, Technology Groups, Functional SMEs, PMOs, Auditors, Release Management,

• Development Consulting Services:
o Resource Pool:
 QA ( Manual, Automation, Performance etc ) and even tool specific groups and SMEs
 Technology ( Java, Dot Net, Mainframe, DB)
 CM ( Build, Configuration Mgt, Release Management)
 Presales and Post Sales
 Risk Analysis
 PMOs
 Process Group

#5 Organizational Services:
Any advanced or larger organization must have below Org structure
• Legal Governance Council
• Employee Production Council
• Risk Assessment Advisor Council
• Technology Advisor Groups or Arch Forums
• CoE (Center of Excellence for each vertical)
• Enterprise Architects Forums

About Author / Additional Info:
Arivuvel Ramu | Architect | GalaxESolutions