Alpamint Solutions the UK based transcription company has been directly effected by the recent government proposals to cut public spending. As a relative newcomer to the industry Alpamint prides itself in taking on the more established transcription companies landing large projects as well as continuing to service its existing clients.

Technology has begun to play an increasingly important role in the transcription industry as end transcription providers have begun working together with workflow system providers to ensure documents and audio files are transferred and tracked accurately. This has resulted in many transcription companies sighting themselves as technology companies as opposed to service providers.

According to Alpamint Operations Director this is a trend that is likely to see a shift in the business focus of some of its larger competitors..."large transcription firms such as Integreon and DictateIT are moving away from their core transcription offerings and are looking at other revenue streams cross selling products i.e. document management services, this has provided us with a great opportunity to target clients who have become dissatisfied with the lower accuracy in quality as staff are stretched".

Alpamints vast transcription panel has also enabled the firm to target a range of specialisms which puts it in a unique position amongst the larger transcription players. Others have becoming industry specific as opposed to service specific.

As a result of its position Alpamints latest launch has been in the relatively slow moving charity sector. It is currently working with several providers to help increase their revenues. Through its specialised team of sales professionals. Alpamint uses its ability to transcribe sermons and speeches and offers and end-to-end solution to charities, project managing advertising and sponsership to increase revenues. Alpamint Managing Director states "We are constantly looking at ways of developing our offering. We want our service to be seen as a cost saving tool but also to show people how income can be generated through our service". He went on to add.."We have worked closely with several organisations to implement some really interesting greenfield projects".

We this space Alpamint seems be making a name for itself.

The benefits of Alpamint:

Founded by solicitors who understood the need for the service
Offering 24/7/ 365 days support to provide prompt service
Quality assured and delivered on time to specification
Cater to fast turnaround times
Pay as you go

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