Nowadays people are using the Windows Server in their offices. If you are using the Windows server then it is very essential for you to make the back up of your server. This will help you to save your required data in case of a loss. We will discuss a few beginner topics before we learn how to have a backup for Workgroups can backup your server for you.

You must have some basic knowledge before you can take the back up of your windows server. Servers are usually computers that operate as a shared resource on your network for the facilitation of all your employees or those on your network.

Many servers perform dedicated tasks and other servers are multi-purpose. You need to make a list of the key applications that are installed. Secondly the operating system which you are using currently will help you in order to know if the required software supports the backup or not.

If you are using a dedicated server, such as an Exchange Server or a domain controller, it requires you to select backup software that supports the dedicated activities of your server. If you are using a multi-purpose server, then you should use a backup program that can backup a wide range of applications to ensure that you have taken the backup of every thing. Incase if you don't know how many applications are installed on your server and what type of the applications are installed on your server, then you can select the start menu, then look at all the programs and review the list.

Now you can take the backup of your server. The method that you use to save the back up of your server depends upon your backup plan. In back up plan we make sure that we have targeted the data which we want for the backup.

If you want to choose a simple strategy then you can select GO SAVE command to back up your server. The Save menu options of the GO SAVE command provides a simple technique to back up your server. Following are the options present there for the facilitation of the user. You can choose any one option according to your requirement.

An option 21 is present there to save the entire server. While we can use option 22 to save your system data, and option 23 to save your user data. But each of these options restricts your server. It means that the users cannot access your server while the backup of the server is being completed. Only backup will be running on your computer.

To backup the whole server we can select the Go Save command and then option 21. After performing this action we will use the GO SAVE command menu option for the saving of those parts of the server that are changing regularly, however a number of other commands can also be used to save individual parts of your server. You can make the back up of your windows server by performing these few steps.

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