Drip irrigation is a method of technological advance that has helped to make farming more effective in areas where there is a decrease in the availability of water. Drip irrigation is being used widely in many parts of the world. This is true in parts of the world where there is no rainfall and there is a perennial difficulty in the supply of water. There are many parts of the world that are in such situation and so drip irrigation is the only option available so that there is saving of the water.

There are many advantages of drip irrigation and they are as follows:

1. Water conservation:

This is the most important advantage of drip irrigation. The reason for this is that if not for the conservation of water, then the place that is already suffering from scarcity of water could further have depletion in the natural water resources. This will cause severe hard ship to the people living in the place. Drip irrigation is the best method of watering the plants in such areas with minimal water.

2. Prevents use of ground water:

The ground water in areas that are arid is very deep and very less. In such areas, the rampant use of water without any thought on the depletion of water and also the need for conservation causes the excessive use of ground water.

3. Benefit to plants:

The advantage of the drip irrigation is that it also benefits the plant. If the water from another source was given to the plants, then most of the water is lost and only a limited amount of the water to the plant will actually be absorbed. On the other hand, if the water is sent drop by drop, the wastage of water decreases and the maximum amount of water is used by the plant for it's growth. The fact that the water is available to the plant all through the day keeps it green and also helps it to grow quickly ad healthily.

4. Reduces water wastage:

When a plant is given water by any other means, the water hat is wasted is more as the water can evaporate or simply get under the ground without being utilized by the plant. Drip irrigation minimizes the water that is lost by evaporation and also makes sure that the plant uses as much of the water that is needed for its growth.

5. Saves the environment:

The drip irrigation method is one of the primary methods that can actually be used to saver the environment. This is a method in which the water that is used is very less and so it prevents wastage of one of the most precious natural resources that is present on the earth. This prevention of wastage of water helps human beings to be able to survive for longer time in the desert areas, where there is no water. If the water was used rapidly and without any thought, then there will be more areas that have become dry and desert like.

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