I am a 65 year old man who always had this urge of being independent. Since childhood I have been trying to fit in. If my parents laughed, I did... if they cried, I did too just to fit in. I had no idea what was I reacting too because that time I already started losing my power of hearing sounds. I have always learnt to use what I have than worrying about what I don't have. So whenever I wanted to talk to somebody I used to sit on my computer and used to chat with my friends for hours. And I always had a fear of meeting new people. I avoid the difficulty explaining my situation to them. I also had gone through many adventures during my life. I met new people, been the centre of different types of gossips and many more. My deafness had not been diagnosed or explained to me until I was eight years old. I had no idea how the words were supposed to sound. Early at my age I picked up lip-reading. That came with lots of help to me. I used to watch other people and copied the way they acted. After my school I made a wonderful decision; I started working for the specially abled people. I had money but never knew the right channel to flow it. Now I know so I opened this small center for children who can't hear or see or going through any problem. I named the place as "SEE the HOPE". I used to tech my children everything I knew till date.

The technologies these days have made us too fit. I rely on my computer a lot. It helps me be connected to the world. Once I remember I had this internet problem in my PC for a week. I probably had the hardest time of my life. I goggled for some local technician and mailed them about my problem. After a day a technician arrived my house with a huge tool box, looked like as if he is going to tear apart my machine. I tried for half n hour to explain my situation and my problem with my machine, but had no luck in making him understand. I tried it again the next day but the same thing happened and this time the technician went completely baffled. The third day when I managed to make them understand my situation, the technician still he couldn't fix the issue. I went completely depressed and concluded it with that I can never resolve this issue of mine.

After a day I met this old friend of mine from the hearing disabled group and he told me to check this company who provides chat support as well- iYogi technical service provider. The best what I liked is that they provide the chat support where talking and hearing is not involved and I really don't have to go through all of making them understand. I started a chat with an expert of iYogi where he guided me with the steps and I followed them as instructed. I had a point to point chat with the technician and got my issue resolved with no difficulty. iYogi also offered me with a wide range of services for my computers. Some of them were like upgrading my machine, updating with the antivirus or installing or updating of the drivers. They came with loads of help. And I finally got rid with the issue.

And since then my life is running fine with my machine and my gifted children. If now I ever have any problem with any of my machines or its peripheral devices, I will now call just iYogi. I always wish each of my problems can be sorted like this with no difficulty.

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