For us to appreciate the impact of electronics in the contemporary world we should first understand what electronics is. An electronic device is any physical item which is part of an electronic system used to affect the electrons and their related fields in a required manner consistent with the function it is intended for in the electronic system. We are surrounded by electronics, at home, at school and at work. The following are some of the areas that heavily depend on electronics:

1. Medicine.

Examples of electronic equipment used in medicine are:-

i) Computers

Computers are an excellent means for storage of patient related data. It is often necessary to maintain detailed records of the medical history of patients. In some hospitals, computer software is used for diagnosis of diseases. Some of the complex surgeries can be performed with the aid of computers. Computers have made it possible for surgeons from other parts of the world to perform surgery by giving instructions to surge.

ii) MRI (magnetic resonance imaging).

It is also known as nuclear magnetic resonance imaging. It is an imaging technique used in medical radiology to examine detailed internal structure and functioning of the body.

iii) CAT scan or CT scan.

It's a noninvasive technique that assists physicians diagnose and cure medical conditions. A radiologist assists the physician by interpreting the images from the scan.

2. Banking.

Electronics in the contemporary world as revolutionized the banking industry. The use of computers has automated almost every banking process that there is virtually no need to go into a bank. Computer programs are used to run ATM (automated teller machines). Transfer of funds can be done using a computer using the EFT (electronic funds transfer).

3. Entertainment.

One of the areas greatly affected by electronics in the contemporary world is home entertainment. The era of using CDs and magnetic tapes are long forgotten, now enter the Blu-ray disc and flash disks. Digital storage of media has impacted society in that you can carry large amounts of data in a minute device. Television screens have changed and now CRT (cathode ray tubes) have become obsolete. Liquid crystal displays (LCD) screens are used. The signal used to transmit signals has changed from analog to digital.

4. Military capability and intelligence.

Electronics in the contemporary world has pushed military capabilities further than it could ever be imagined. Long gone are the days when spies had to be on the ground to gather information. Satellites can gather real time video images which are analyzed by the military. Military hardware for example missiles in some countries is guided by lasers and can travel very long distances.

5. Communication.

Wireless telephony has grown in the recent past thereby penetrating very remote areas especially in the third world. This has changed lifestyles as people are now more aware of what is happening around them. Large amounts of data can also be transmitted using fiber optic cables at the speed of light. This has reduced the cost of doing business in most parts of the word.

Electronics has completely changed the way we live our lives and by experiencing it we can better appreciate the effect of electronics in the contemporary world.

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