The Macbook Pro comes in three sizes: 13 inch, 15 inch and 17 inch. Apple has done some very serious modification in all of these versions of Macbook Pro from its previous laptop series. The innovative designing, as well as new exclusive features and advance hardware make it one of the most demanded gadgets in today's world.

The body of the Macbook Pro is made of single block uncut aluminum. This is a state of art engineering for any computer, let alone laptops. The idea of using aluminum changes the whole appearance. It made the Macbook Pro light, polished and hard. The best part is the aluminum makes the Macbook Pro thinner than ever.

Energy efficiency

The Macbook Pro gives all its priority for energy efficiency. Both 15 inch and 17 inch versions of Macbook Pro contain batteries that support up to 9 hours. Both of them have automatic system for graphic switching. The battery of the 13 inch Macbook Pro can live for 10 hours. The Adaptive Charging technology gives the battery the longest charging capability on a single charging session. The advance chemical design gives the battery a fully functional five years lifetime. Unlike all other laptops, that use three batteries, the Macbook Pro use only one battery, making its weight lighter and serving better performance. And of course, the battery materials are environment friendly.

Apple has done some excellent job in the graphics section of the Macbook Pro from its other old notebooks. In the 13 inch Macbook Pro, they use the latest designed NVIDIA GeForce 320 M graphics processor; making it 80 percent faster than any other Apple notebook. And this high performing graphics technology is energy saver when you are doing normal things on your Macbook Pro.

Software used in it

In the 15 inch and 17 inch versions of the Macbook Pro, Apple uses the NVIDIA GeForce GT 330 M graphics processor. This real energy efficient graphics accelerator gives much better performance in 3D game playing and professional designing applications. And the best thing is it can change its performance according to what software you are using.


The display of the Macbook Pro is designed with LE backlight, which makes it more space saver. The display is wide angle designed and the color gamut is designed to match with the desktop computers. The ultrathin display glass is stronger than before and also more resilient. The target of designing environment friendly product encourages Apple to reduce hazardous elements like arsenic and mercury from the Macbook Pro. The 15 inch version comes with 1680 by 1050 screen resolution and with 36 percent more pixel dimension.

Other features

The keyboard of the Macbook Pro is also made of aluminum. The engineers of Apple give a lot of time to cut the switches in perfect shape to make them perfect for the fingers of the users; giving the use better typing experience. The keyboard has its own backlight to make them readable in lower lighting condition.

The Macbook Pro track pad itself is a button and you can click anywhere. By removing the extra button, you now have more space for your palm. The track pad is made of glass and that makes it more smooth and easy to control.

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