Enterprise Service Bus Introduction
Enterprise Service Bus is the most common and advanced enterprise middleware which help the enterprise architects and Analyst to position their Integration solution in the Enterprise computing. It Enables the Service Re-usability, Messaging, Security, Transaction and Service Life Cycle Management within the Bus.

Enterprise Service Bus will contain the following features
Business Process Orchestration or Choreography, Rule Engine and BRMS - Business Rule Management System, Mediation such Data Transformation, Protocol Transport and service mapping,Content based and rule based routing, Adapter, Synchronized and Synchronized Messaging, Event Driven Architecture, Fine Grained or Composite Grained Services are exposed as Web Service and Governed with in the ESB, Quality of Service such as Logging, Security such as encryption and signin, Transaction, Management such as Monitoring, auditing and logging.

List of Available ESB in the Market:
IBM Websphere Message Broker
IBM Websphere ESB
IBM Websphere Process Server
Oracle Fusion Suite ESB
Aqua Logic Service Bus
CapeClear Server or Workday Integration Server
Tibco Business Work

OpenSource ESB
Mule ESB
Apache Service Mix
Open ESB

Benefit of ESB
It allows us to integrate heterogeneous application running in different platform can be connected over the cloud in loosely coupled fashion

On demand business and agility in software integration delivery

About Author / Additional Info:
Arivuvel Ramu
Technical Archtiect