Networking is a fast growing field in the world. We are using the internet through the networks established for providing the internet services to the user. A computer user didn't have a need to know the deep concepts of the networking, but he must have some basic knowledge to diagnose if there is any problem in the network and how he can solve this problem if it occurs.

First of all we are in need to know what a network is basically. Networking is a technique through which we can link two or more computers for the sharing of the data and as well as the sharing of the devices. Networks are being established by the mixture of computer software and hardware.

The communication language is known as the protocol in the field of networking. Protocols are the rules for the communication between the devices. We have many protocols in networking field and some of them are FTP, TCP/IP, SMTP etc.

Types of network

We basically have the following types of network LAN (local area network), WAN (Wide Area Network), MAN (Metropolitan area network), PAN (Personal area network) networks. A local area network provides the facilities a group of computers in a geographically limited area like schools, universities, and offices. A local area network is very useful for you If you have minimum resources or not. For example if you have 50 employees in your office and they all have a need to print the pages daily. Then it will be costly enough to buy 50 printers for your employee. You can only purchase one printer and then share it on the network. Anyone who is in need of printer can use this shared printer from the network. To establish the LAN we use the Ethernet cable, hub and network adapter. However an option for wireless LAN is also present there but it's more expansive than the wired network.

A WAN is a geographically spread network. It's a collection of LANs. A device which is known as router connects the LANs to WAN. Wan is expensive type of network than the LAN. A WAN is quite different from a Local area network (LAN). Most WANs are not owned by any one organization while the LAN is usually property of one organization.

Metropolitan Area Network is physically large than a LAN (Local Area Network) but it is smaller than a WAN. A MAN is usually operated by a single organization like large corporations and government body.

Personal area network is called PAN (Personal Area Network). PANs can be established wirelessly or with cables. People can share the information among the connected devices. These were some basic types of the networks that have been described above.
Now as we have discussed the types of networks it is better for you to have information about the topologies that are being mostly used in networking. The common kinds of topologies that are used in the networking are the mesh topology, star topology and the ring topology.

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