After you have set up your small business one of the first things you need is a good website. The right web design company will be able to provide you with a well-designed, professional, easy to use website that is search engine friendly.

Your website is an extremely powerful way to show prospective customers that you are trustworthy and reliable. At any business meeting you can be sure that the person you are meeting has already looked up your website and in doing so has made a judgment about your company.
Once you start advertising your website becomes even more important. These days people are likely to go straight to your website before they communicate with you over the phone or by email. This means that your website is the first impression you get to make with every new customer.

If you're thinking about getting a new website then these are a few things you may want to consider. Before you meet with your web design company, have a look through our questions and think about your answers. It should help you get off to a good start and develop a clearer idea of exactly what you would like to achieve. It might be tempting to tick off everything, but remember, the more you want, the more development time is needed. This should help you to build a clear and concise brief for you new website. The web design business is an amateur's paradise. Start-up costs are very low, obsolete software is given away by magazines and anyone can call themselves a web designer. Furthermore, there is a perception that 'anyone can do it' and that it is just a question of learning to use a new program. The results are out there for all to see - ugly, poorly designed and hard to navigate sites that break in some browsers, that do not get any visitors and that do not show up in Google. You are doing your business no favours if you employ an amateur.

The other option is to do it yourself. Web design is not your business however. Did you build your own computers? Do you deliver your own mail? No, of course you don't - so why tie up valuable resources and time designing and publishing your own web site only to be disappointed with the result. Your time is more valuable than that.

So - you have decided to use a professional website design company.
Websites need to work, not just look good! Here at Purpose Media we believe that the partnerships we build with clients can seriously benefit your wealth. By listening to what you hope to achieve we are able to help by building the right website solution to help get you there.

•Ever wondered how or why a website could benefit your business?
•Ever wondered why a competitor's website is more highly ranked than yours?
•Ever wondered why the sales you were expecting didn't materialize?

Wonder no more. Purpose Media are serious about adding value to your website. By sitting down together and gaining a real insight into your business we can offer website solutions that are tailored around your specific business needs. Your business is unique so your website needs to be as well.

Purpose Media specialize in creating and developing websites that have real purpose. That may be getting your brand in front of the right people or raising the profile of your products to achieve greater sales. Building a website is only half the story.

Here at Purpose Media we firmly believe that the ongoing marketing of your website, both on-line (Internet Marketing) and off-line (advertising and promotion) play a strategic role in building website traffic and raising your search engine ranking. Working with Google and other major search engines to achieve the coverage you need, rather than getting frustrated that your website is nowhere to be found.

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