There is a massive increase and advancement in the technology that is helping many businesses to get an access to any type of information at anytime from anywhere. With the cloud computing services, there is a flexibility of operating the business from any part of the world. It is the term that specifies everything; it involves delivering hosted services over the web. With cloud computing all applications, data resources and information are managed in a virtual environment. Cloud consulting services is considered as computation, data access, computing software and storage service that does not requires configuration of the system and information of the end user that offers the services.

Cloud computing service offers wide expertise in business process design, development, application design, training, configuration and support. Computing services are divided into three categories; IaaS- Infrastructure as a Service, PaaS- Platform as a Service and SaaS- Software as a service.

There are numerous advantages of availing this cloud computing services like-

1. No infrastructural expense is required with cloud consulting
2. With cloud computing there is reduction in overall business costs
3. Pay only for the resources used
4. A user can access to business data from anywhere through web
5. Sufficient storage space on a remote server
6. There are new versions that are available at a very low costs
7. It also provides security and performance enhancements

There are three types of cloud computing services that are offered to the client's, which are as follows-

• IAAS: IAAS service provides client's the ability to create a complete IT infrastructure that includes firewalls, servers like web, DB and application, switches by organizing 'ready to organize' cloud appliances and load balancers.

• Public Cloud: This service provides disposable server resources to clients. Business needs helps in determining the servers that can be configured or reconfigured on a demand basis. Public cloud computing services are the best and perfect for hosting of business applications for SMBs.

• Private Cloud: Private cloud computing service is required for large individual enterprises that are dedicated to hosted cloud infrastructure.

By availing these services an IT organization customizes the IT infrastructure solutions as per their particular business requirements. Along with this, it has a flexibility of pay per use and also reduces the operational cost. There are many organizations that are offering their services to manage the IT infrastructure.

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