Resource Management:

Is your resource management team modeled and functioned as expected? If not please look at the below check list:

• All the Resource Pool should comes under the resource management team and they should have access to the employee data who is billable and who is in bench
• The complete Bench People Management should be under this team
• This team should have the current updated metrics of Resource Utilization by account, program and project
• This team should maintain the Resource management plan which contains current and future needs?
• This team should closely work with Functional or Program or Project Management team
• You should have the concept called "Resource Pool"

Artifacts Required:
• Resource utilization Report ( by Account, by project, by site, by country, by region)
• Resource management Report
• Resource List
• Bench People List
• Project Allocation or de-allocation data

Time and Attendance Management :
Will you have strong time and attendance management system established in your organization?

Please follow the check list:
• Are you monitoring , logging and tracking each employee swipe in/out access details
• Are you established the automated communication of employee absences or no show reports
• Do you have employee Identity card and Access Card
• Do you have defined policy and process for Leave management
o Casual Leave, Earned Leave, Sick Leave, Maternity or paternity leave, Un-paid Leave,
o Leave Approval Process
o Employee Reporting Structure
• Do you have people time management system where they can enter their timesheet against the various pre-defined tasks
• Do you have centralized reporting mechanism to see the Attendance report
• Do you have various reports specific to Account, Program, Project Time sheet report
• Do you have automated reminder setup for Time sheet

If you do not have setup the attendance or time management system such as Workday, Kronos etc

If Yes, Start look at the Process improvement in your Shared Service where better resource utilization can be tracked in site level, Country level and Region level.

High utilization of resource always directly impact your business revenue positively,Always keep an eye on Resource Utilization chart Vs Resource Forecasting.

Some company keep 20% of resource in their Bench Pool for the projected or forecasted projects assignment.

Keep in mind all the resources can't be pushed to one project in day-1. Initially the project will require few people and slowly the people will be added to the project for expedite the work and finally all the resource will be freed or moved out of the project.

So the resource management must know the people requirement vs available resource optimal utilization.

You should have plan for engage the people somehow in your organizational business (direct or indirectly)

ThumbRule: Do not keep the resource in bench more than 3 months for whatever reason he will be dumb.

About Author / Additional Info:
Arivuvel Ramu|Architect|GalaxESolutions