A computer is a combination of many hardware components working together to perform an action. While using the computer, the user should know all about these devices and should also know how these devices are working and what he should do for the maintenance of the hardware. We will discuss with a few devices present in the computer how they are working and what should a user do for the repairing of his hardware.

CD ROM Repair

CD Rom is an important part of the computer. Often it provides the input to the computer. There is a fixed Lens present inside the CD Rom which is used to read the tracks from the CD. While in CD or DVD writer it performs both the tasks- reading and writing. Sometimes we have experienced that our CD-ROM or DVD ROM stops reading the CD or DVD. This problem occurs due to the weak power of the Lens. Sometime when we insert the CD disk we don't care that there is dust present on the CD. When the CD ROM reads this CD, along with the dust it makes the power of the Lens to be weak. This dust sometimes is a hurdle for the lens to read the CD or write the CD. A user could repair this fault by himself. If you want to repair it you can follow these steps.

CD ROM usage

Open the gate of your CD ROM then turn off your computer and unplug the power supply and open the CD ROM. Remove the cover from the CD ROM, you will see a small lens at the upper side. Clean this lens with the help of cotton. And then again put its cover back, and fix it inside your computer. Now, when you insert the CD in CD ROM, it will start reading the CD.

We have also many other devices in a computer. Our RAM stores the data in it on run time. At the same time if there is any fault in you RAM, you will not see the display of the computer on your screen. If you are unable to see the display on your computer screen you can follow these steps to resolve this problem.


First check the cable to see if it is connected correctly. If the cable is connected then power off your computer, open its casing and then open the jacks of the RAM from the computer's mother board then change the port of the RAM. If the problem is still there check your VGA card if there is any problem in VGA card. If problem is still there then contact your hardware manufacturer.

Hard disk

Your hard disk also plays an important role in your computer. Sometimes we face many problems due to the hard disk. When we start the computer we face an error that it cannot find the bootable device. This is due to the wrong boot order in setup. To resolve this problem you should restart your computer. Then enter the setup then find there boot, then correct the boot order sequence, set the first boot from the hard disk, then save changes and exit. Now your computer will Start from the hard disk. These are a few tips which a computer user should know for the hardware repair.

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