Computer security is a branch of Information Technology that deals with issues concerning protection of information and property. It also covers corruption and natural disaster at the same time allowing the information and property to be accessible to the intended users.

Computer security deals with the methodologies and processes that can be used to protect valuable information resources. These methods differ from other computer technologies in the sense that it portrays the objective of preventing unwanted computer behavior while the others seek to promote wanted computer behavior.


Hackers are interested not only in the information stored on a computer, but they are interested in the computer's resources too. They can get into a computer to use its hard disk space, processor and internet connection. They use these resources to attack other computers on the internet. This becomes difficult for them to be discovered by law enforcement agencies. Home computers are most susceptible to attack, since they typically have little security and are easy to break in.

Computer attacks can also come in the form of viruses, malware and spyware that cause damage to a computer or open the computer to attack. Most of these come disguised as useful software, or as e-mail attachments. Viruses copy themselves quickly to the computer storage and causes damage to the device.

Password protection

The first step towards securing your computer is to password protects it. Computer security experts recommend that a good password must have six characters. It must contain a combination of upper and lower case letters, numbers and other special characters. It must not be written down anywhere. A good password must not be related to anything in one's life, for instance the name of a spouse, the user's own name, name of parents or name of pet.

Antivirus software

Another important step in protecting your computer against viruses and spyware is to install antivirus software. These software are able to detect and delete most computer viruses from a computer. The antivirus software must be updated regularly, at least once a week to update its virus definitions. This will protect a computer from viruses the original antivirus did not cater for. Do not open e-mail attachments from an unknown sender, this may contain a virus.


An important computer security tip is to install firewalls for computers that are connected to the internet. A firewall is a software or hardware system designed to prevent access to a private network unless authorized. A firewall can prevent intruders from accessing a computer located on a private network connected to the internet. All messages entering and leaving the network pass through the firewall and are filtered. Firewalls can be implemented as packet filters, application gateway, circuit level gateway or a proxy server.

Information on a computer can also be protected by using file encryption and access control programs as well as creating backups. Backup files must be store away from the computer. They could be on a removable storage device or on another computer. All files must be encrypted using strong encryption codes and access keys.

In this age, computer security cannot be ignored. Do well to protect your computer from attack and protect information stored on your computer.

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