Safari 5 is the latest browser that Apple has released in the recent past. There have been releases, updates and different version of browsers that have been released in the past by many of the companies. Some of the common browsers that run on various platforms are the Chrome that was released by Google, the Firefox, the Internet Explorer and various other platforms. Companies like Google, Microsoft, Apple and other big names are up in the race to create and release the best browser. The recent updates and releasing of newer version augurs well for the users, who have been finding that these new releases are better in performance and speed when compared to the older versions.

Apple, when releasing the recent Safari 5 version claimed that it was the best performing browser as far as all the functions were concerned. This claim was made by the Paul Schiller, who holds a responsible and important position of marketing the product world wide. The claim was taken to be true by many people. Some skeptics though tried to put the new browser to test to check if the claim was really true. This was because the claim was made to add new clients to the fold of this new browser.

Tests on Java Platforms

When the various aspects of the java script platform was tested with the different browsers on various computers, the results were amazing. The computers were uniform for all the browsers because the chance of bias between these testing platforms needed to be excluded. Various criteria for the performance of each of these browsers were used and the common ones included the Flying Demo, the V8 benchmark and the tests for the Dromaeo java script .

The results of the tests:

The results of the tests were amazing and they refuted the claims of Paul Schiller to an extent. The results of the tests were that the Safari 5 was indeed more than 20 to 40 percent better in some of the tests. On the other hand, when the new Safari 5 version was compared to the other browsers, the Safari 5 either lagged behind or was only marginally ahead. This makes one to understand that the java script platform needs further fine tuning for the Safari by Apple.

Advantage customers:

The advantages of the customers of the various browsers is unlimited because of the race from each of the big companies to build the best platform for the browsers. The race between the companies has made them to work hard on developing better browsers so that there are many new features and the performance of the browsers are better. This has made the clients to feel that the browsers are getting better.

The speed of the browsers has increased a lot in the past decade and the various features that are provided by the companies on the browser also have grown by leaps and bounds. The race is yet to get over and by the time the race is over, the clients will have a wonderful browser to work on.

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