Dedicated hosting solutions are very important as far as a website is concerned. There are two important kinds of hosting solutions, one is the dedicated hosting and the other is the shared hosting. The name itself indicates the type of hosting that is provided by the company that offers hosting solutions. The company that offers shared hosting offers the same host server to many web sites. The reason for this is that the sites may be simple with very little hardware and also software modifications that are needed. This makes them easy to be shared on a single server.

Dedicated hosting on the other hand is something that is offered to various companies that have a website where there may be a lot of modifications in the software and also in the hardware that is used. These web sites may need a lot of work to be done and so, the shared hosting will not work for them.

Any person who wants to have a web hosting solutions for the web site should initially make sure if the company that they are selecting for the web hosting provides all the features. If the shared hosting is preferred, then you have to work with what is provided by the company for the price that you pay which is generally very cheap compared to the dedicated hosting.

The various aspects that you have to look for in any dedicated hosting are all listed here. This will serve as a guideline for the individuals wanting to start a web site.

1. The Platform that is used:

The first and the most important aspect that you have to make sure about the dedicated hosting is the platform that is used for the hosting solutions. There are two common platforms that are used as far as the hosting is concerned. The Windows NT platform and also the Unix platform. Each of them have their own advantages. The common reason for people selecting different ones is that the Windows NT platform is more expensive while the Unix platforms are cheaper, but before you decide on the platform, you have to actually decide if the one you select is compatible with your system.

2. The data transfer limit:

There are different limits usually available for different hosing plans. The simpler ones may cost you very little, but the fact is that you have to decide on the limit. As a startup company, you may not need a large data transfer limit and so you can get the hosting for a less amount. As your site become more prominent, you can use one that has more limits available.

3. The monitoring solutions:

The company that you select for the hosting service should also have proper monitoring facility so that the server does not go down and even if it does, the system should immediately alert the people concerned so that it is rectified.

4. The data backup:

Data backup is very important, especially if you have an e commerce site. All the transactions need a backup storage facility for future reference and your hosting company should be able to provide you this.

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