Barcelona, Spain, June 20th 2010 - AST Modular, a Spanish engineering firm devoted to innovation in modular datacenters confirmed on Friday that its pioneering Modular Natural Free Cooling Technology has been implemented in a newly built containerized datacenter for a customer in Sidney, Australia.

The datacenter achieves an actual metered PUE of 1.09

The double deck solution engineered by AST Modular is composed of a 40' IT 17 Racks Container with a complete fire protection system, access control and monitoring equipment and a 20' Modular Natural Free Cooling container placed on top and allowing servers to run without the use of chillers for 92% of the time in a year.

NFC, a worldwide patented AST Modular's technology, is an indirect airside economizer cooling solution that uses a passive air to air heat exchanger to cool the datacenter. A Smart control system maximizes the available hours of free cooling by monitoring more than 300 parameters. It is capable of choosing among 100% free cooling with temperatures below 19C, partial economization with the use of adiabatic cooling, or mechanical cooling for temperatures above 26C. As a result, the majority of the incoming energy can be devoted to run the mission critical hardware and applications.

While conventional direct free cooling systems need filters to reduce the amount of particles or contaminants that are brought into the data center space, AST Modular's NFC exchanges air inside segregated chambers thus avoiding cross contamination. The IT space remains as a sealed enclosure and unaffected by external conditions such as humidity, pollution, corrosive gases, and particles thus resulting in added resiliency and much better energy efficiency.

In addition, NFC's modular approach enables the customer to purchase only the cooling capacity needed to meet current needs. Additional NFC units can be added as the datacenter load grows.

A full video explaining how NFC works can be watched at AST MODULAR NFC
The news comes among the rumors of other container manufacturers testing airside economizers whereas "AST Modular had already implemented such a solution since 2009 in Thor Datacenter in Iceland" announced AST CEO Henry Daunert on Monday. A video tour of the project can be viewed on YouTube at AST MODULAR THOR.

"This must be one of the most efficient Datacenter in Australia now", he added. "The weather charts indicate that Sydney enjoys a temperate and humid climate where it's very difficult to meet ASHRAE 90.1/TC 9.9 temperature and humidity ranges with alternative direct free cooling solutions. Our studies show that in such climates we stretch the available hours of free cooling and dramatically reduce the energy consumption thus saving the customer thousand dollars in datacenter cooling.

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