The computer is playing a far greater role in many of our lives than any other machine has played over the past several years. This is a great sign for some people who are machine savvy, but there are many others who use the computer out of necessity and so operating and learning the tips to enhance the role of the computer seems to be a little difficult.

There are certain simple methods that can be used to increase the storage space in your computer and also to speed up your computer. These tips are listed here:

Do not use pirated software:

The cheaper cost for the pirated software is the fascination to the buyer, but huge number of problems is involved during the execution of the operating system. This software removes the important and confidential data. Hence, always purchase the original licensed copy of the software to increase the speed of the computer.

Enable protection from unknown programs on the internet

This enabling in the security will take care that only the Authorized programs will be executed. As the role of internet is increasing, you should be very careful that you never run programs that are not known to you or those that are not from a secure site as it can harm your computer in many ways. A quick downloading of the illegal program may harm the performance of the system

Better storage optimization

You should remember that the Windows Vista used to take up space for storage. If you had upgraded the computer from the Vista to the recently released Windows 7, then you may have some problems too. This could mean that the folder containing the previous operating system is also in your computer. This can take up a lot of space that will cause your computer to slow down. The only option that you have is to remove the previous operating system and the folder. This will help you to gain a better performance from the new Windows 7 system.

Installation of unwanted programs

Install only those programs that you need regularly and are of specific use to you. Some people use the system and makes modifications in it. In that case, there is execution of unwanted program. So always keep the enabling of Show hidden icon option.

Hard drive optimization

If there are number of hard drives in the PC, you can speed up its performance by rearranging the paging file system to an independent hard drive. For making this task possible, go to control panel and make a selection of the system. Then click on the option for Advanced System settings. Then the Advanced option will appear, click on that and then click the Settings icon. The new window will appear. Now, select the Advanced Tab, and click on change. This option which is enabled by default as Automatic management for the paging size can be disabled by unchecking the box.

These are only some of the many methods that you can use to increase the speed of the computer and also to increase the storage space in it.

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