Acer has been in the forefront of releasing new products and this year it is no different. At a recently held press conference in China, Acer has released a few amazing products that are the best in the business at present. The products that were released in the press conference include a Smartphone that runs on the Android platform.

Some of the amazing features of the phone include the presence of the Android 2.1 platform that is one of the latest that is available for these devices. The other features of the phone are that it has a 1GHz processor and also 512 MB RAM. The download speed is also quite high. The phone also has a flash memory that has a capacity of 2GB. Other than this, there is also a memory card of 8GB.

The Android operating system that is being used in the phone that has been named as the Stream has one of the best home page. All the applications are very easy to be launched. In fact, you can do so by just giving a light tap. There are many applications available that you can keep changing as you use the phone.

The stream is a small, handy phone that is very sleek. In fact it measures only 11.2 mm in thickness and has an amazing 5 megapixel camera. The fact that there is also the availability of GPS, WiFi that are integrated with the Bluetooth connectivity has made this device to be really a smart phone.

There are also various other features on the Stream that include the presence of Nemo player and Spinlets that provides the streaming service. This streaming allows you to hear music and also browse through all the social networking sites that are available on the internet.

Other than the Smartphone, Acer also is planning to release a new reader that is called as the LumiRead. The reader is very similar to the Amazon Kindle and will surely have the Kindle tough competition. Similar to the Kindle, the LumiRead will be able to read e-books and the company has already been talking to many of the e-book stores to allow the LumiRead to be able to access these books. The memory and the connectivity of the LumiRead are other advantages of the reader. The browser that is available on the reader will allow you to be able to access all the e-books.

Other than the phone and the reader, Acer is also releasing the Aspire 5745P, which is a notebook and the advantage of this over all the other similar devices that have been released by other companies is the fact that you have a unique multimedia experience with this device. It is designed to provide wholesome entertainment to the user. The touch screen that is present is another feature that has been included in the notebook Other than this; the regular features that are available on the notebook include a processor which is the Intel Core and also a Home Theatre. The battery life also lasts longer on the notebook.

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