Science: the intellectual and practical activity encompassing the systematic study of the structure and behaviour of the physical and natural world through observation and experiment.

It is how a standard dictionary defines science as. If we look around, there is not a single thing which is not part of science, it is everywhere and it is everything. Right from the tiny particles vibrating in an element to the farthest star that could be identified, It is continues, because it never stopped progressing. Every minute somebody, somewhere is discovering something, inventing something, it could be a new device, techniques, methods or just about anything which accumulates for the progress of science. It has accumulated so much around us that we no longer know what is what and by the time we know it, it is already outdated. Such is the rate at which science is progressing. The world is only a click away, daily home chores is only button press effort, ripening raw fruits is only a matter of spraying chemicals, rearing livestock just means injecting right vaccines at right time and in no time they are matured, hefty and ready for their flesh and meat. Cooking is just boiling instant mix for 2 minutes.

But in the process let's pause, stop for a while and look where this progress is actually leading us to? Does scientific progress mean the progress to humanity under all circumstances? Or is it by any chance, that under the pretext of progress it is cleverly deteriorating the ability of humanity in general? And hence possibly causing a threat to humanity itself? Because when everything is made easier than just easy, where is the real difficult part gone? The difficulty which teaches how to overcome and tackle obstacles? It is not to say, lets reverse the process of science and become stupid or to say, let's start creating fire rubbing stones than using match-sticks, But to say that, in the process of learning how to create fire by match-sticks, we must also learn what causes that fire in the match-sticks, To say that humanity must come back to depend on itself before going any further to relay on science, To make humanity self sustainable.

A best example of how far science has taken us away from being self dependent is students unable to solve simple numerical problems without the aid of a calculator. Of course, calculators make calculation easy. But on the contrary it is encouraging students to utilise the least of their mental ability. And how could this progress of science be called a progress to humanity? One of the major concerns of the US education department is the inability of their students to match with international standards of students in maths; the reason could be that students are exposed to calculators at a much early stage than their better counterparts like China, Japan and India where students normally don't use calculators until they are out of school.

Internet, one of the major breakthroughs in the modern era of science has come very far away since its time of invention. It's an open window, bringing world closer than ever, communication are made faster and better, its uses are numerous, eg: online shopping, billing, booking and many more. But all these ease to do any task by a click away has not gone unpaid. People have grown more unsocial confined to their solitary life using computers and internets, they have tough time when it comes to socialising in society. Young kids are addicted to video-games rather than outdoor games, kids playing in groups in the neighbourhood is a bygone scene...Do we really want all this? Everything done online and using computers has left with minimum physical work for humans to get involved, which has lead to problems like obesity and overweight. According to W.H.O at least 1 out of 10 people are suffering from obesity. There is no denial to the fact that internet and computers are helping a great deal in consuming less time, delivering more accuracy, sharing plenty of information but these are coming at the expense of unsocial attitude, solitary confinement, obese, over weight problems and simple task like paying electricity bills at the office has become Herculean task because we are no more accustomed to standing in a queue and wait for a couple of minutes. Hence the point is usage of computers and internet must be made only when necessity arises and not otherwise, it has to play the role of a help desk in museum where one approaches only when the necessity arises and not for every single thing. Using computers and internet for complicated and unmanageable task is okay, but not to pay bills or shop when wall mart is just across the street. Depending on technology is one thing but depending entirely on technology at the cost of losing self skill is other. We use match-meters on internet to select partners and friends rather than judging it by ourselves, humans called as social animals are turning into unsocial creatures. We go by reviews discarding self opinions.

In the field of medical science also numerous vaccines, drugs and medicine are being invented to cure diseases caused by bacteria, virus, fungi etc and has helped in saving lives of many but along the same line advancement in such field has also had it s effort in limping the humanity progress. Ready availability of modern medicine and a good stock of essential medicines in the form of tablet and bottled syrup at home itself, have led the present generation to forget completely about the traditional medicines and techniques that is also available readily in almost any kitchen and garden. Like for instance, very little people know that applying coffee powder on minor cuts and wounds will help the blood to clot. Honey has anti-bacterial property, turmeric is natural anti-septic and anti-biotic, banana has natural antacid effect on body and can relieve heart burns, drinking orange juice can help to get rid of gastric reflux or Aloe Vera could be used as a facial. We are forgetting the basics; it's like taking vitamin-A tablets for good vision after every meal and never giving a thought of adding a little bit extra carrot in the salad.

Automobile sector has grown so much that even freeways and highways are experiencing frequent traffic jams because of increase in number of vehicles, Industrialization is booming like never before, many factories and industries have shut down because of environmental issues and many more have come up to further exploit the same environment. With the inventions of CNC machines, advancement in robotics and nano-technology the objective of the modern industries has become to depend the least on manual labour and increase their profit margin, even if it means to produce low quality, less life span products, which is evident from the mass increase in the e-waste disposal around the world. According to UN/DESA(April 2010) the number of unemployed people worldwide rose by 34 million, despite increase in the growth of industries which was ought to provide jobs for the common people. If there is anything that modern industries has done truly for the sake of humanity then it is to abash human creativities, art, techniques, and skills. We have completely lost the art of making sculptures, pots, paintings, and clothing which were made so finely and precisely depending least on the tools just a few decades ago. Advancement is necessary, but never at the cost of taking out what is ours from ourselves.

We are growing and we need to grow, more and more milestones has to be attained and reached, accomplishments in advancement must happen and DEVELOPMENT must progress and it is not development if we blindly rely on science and technology without knowing it. Otherwise of which, humanity is going to be in a massive chaotic state sooner or later. It is human's nature to be adaptive, perhaps it is why this species has survived for so long sustaining every catastrophe that nature has befallen on it, Manipulating and adjusting itself to every changing circumstance. But the question is- how far can we remain adaptive? When the original roots (fundamentals) that we know of, is reaching out of sight with every advancement. Humanity must catch up with the progress from its roots and not just somewhere is the middle. The fundamentals must be through before we catch up with the next step, for no building stands tall unless it has a solid foundation.

However, the advancement, progress, development has already reached so far that it is quite not so easily possible to know how of everything. Rocket science is not for everybody, but certainly there are numerous other examples of science and technology that we come across in everyday life on which we can make a sincere attempt to know its fundamentals and develop individually and by it develop whole as humanity. For we as humanity must build a long lasting tall building which must not shake and get shattered into pieces by a mere earth-quake. We need to be prepared and better prepared.

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