Enormous growth of backup storage requirements have forced the customers of data-intensive enterprises to seek for new robust and economical backup mediums. DDS (Digital data storage) is an intelligent and reliable tape storage format that has become the most preferred medium for entry level servers, data centers and branch offices. DDS backup tape format not only satisfies the needs of today's storage environments, but also supports the next generation's backup applications and systems.

Sony is a brand leader and technical expert in backup storage solutions. Sony has the broadest portfolio of industry leading backup media products. Sony is proud to introduce SDT-11000PB internal tape drive that represents DDS-4 tape generation. This high performance Sony DDS-4 internal drive is the ultimate solution for today's shrinking backup windows and exploding storage requirements. It features 4.8 MB/s compressed rate. Sony SDT-11000PB intelligently compresses data at 2 to 1, and records up to 40GB data on a single Sony DDS-4 tape.

Data managers can trust the Sony DDS-4 tape devices to protect their business critical data. Sony has specifically designed the DDS4 products to meet the storage demands of enterprise server customers. Sony DDS4 drive's most compelling feature is its full read-write compatibility with four generations of DDS tape. These DDS tape generations include DDS-1, DDS 2, DDS 3 and DDS 4 tapes. This incredible feature of Sony internal DDS4 drive ensures investment protection, while the previously backed up data can also be accessed seamlessly.

Dust contamination and increased heat can lower the drive's performance and also lead to read/write errors. Therefore in order to overcome these problems, Sony has employed an innovative super sir flow environment (SAFE) system. This advanced system reduces debris and dust contamination, and helps to cool down the heat producing components. In order to further reduce the drive temperature and improve the cooling system, the DDS-4 drive features special vents that draw air around the circuit board and other drive components. During this process, the vents prevent the entering of dust particles, thus helping to elevate the operational efficiency. High performance DDS-4 data tapes are:

Sony DDS4 tape

Dell DDS4 tape

Fuji DDS-4 backup tape

Maxell DDS 4 tape

Quantum DDS 4 tape

HP DDS 4 tape

Imation DDS-4 tape

TDK DDS-4 tape

Sony has designed a robust "hyper metal" tape head that has dramatically reduced the error rate and helps to accelerate the data searching process. Sony DDS-4 tape drive ensures access time of less than 55 seconds, and searching speed of 360 MB/sec. Newly designed hyper metal head is far superior to the rival tape format's ferrite MIG tape heads. This allows the Sony DDS4 tape to provide unparalleled reliability and robust protection of the critical data. The drive includes a "Super Head Cleaner" system that helps to increase media longevity by preventing debris build-up on tape head. As a result, the tape wear and tear are also reduced. Sony DDS4 tapes are highly space-efficient and because of their compact size, these data cartridges can be conveniently stored locally or at remote locations as a disaster countermeasure.

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