That's right! The history returns. Remember the critics that started flooding their arguments and pin-pointing loop-holes in "iphone". Yes we all know how their mouths were closed after apple iPhone sales figures and the public review.

Same situation has arrived in 2010. Critics totally flushed out "ipad" saying that it's just an average device. Critics argued that it doesn't have a camera (or precisely a webcam), doesn't support multi-tasking, no direct USB port and all that blah...blah...Yes critics now stop doing the blah...blah... and shut your mouth. The sales figure and public reviews are out and I don't think they have many smiles with them.

Yeah I know that every device has pros and cons so I am listing all of that below according to my review of "IPAD"

- A unique device (of its own category).
- Support all iphone apps.
- A great device for surfing net and playing multimedia.
- Good battery life .
- Recently supported multitasking.

- Still hard disk memory is less (80 GB or 160 GB is now needed).
- Still no flash support (actually we can't complain as its apple's device).
- But still ipad is a great buy for people looking for innovative way of doing business and enjoying life.

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