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  • Chatbot Development - Complete Information    By: Ashutosh Mishra

    Chatbot is a most common term used in the field of Information Technology especially considering the case of instant messengers in the world of internet. With the continuous advancement in technology, almost all of us are well familiar with the internet based instant messengers such as FB messenger, Skype, Whatsapp etc and this is the place where the utlity of Chatbots deeply flourish. >> Category: Technology
  • Security Robots on Patrol    By: George Babnick

    Will security robots replace traditional uniformed security guards? New security robots have the ability to autonomously patrol shopping malls and other premise. They will likely change the role of traditional security guards. >> Category: Technology
  • Apple Pay Overview    By: Arivuvel Ramu

    Apple Pay is a mobile payment and digital wallet service by Apple Inc. >> Category: Technology
  • Enterprise Mobility - Overview Part 1    By: Arivuvel Ramu

    Enterprise Mobility is a buzz word in 2000 when the Gartner's talks about future technology which rule the world. >> Category: Technology
  • M-OTA: Mobile 'Over-The- Air' (OTA) Overview    By: Arivuvel Ramu

    Mobile OTA is one of the Key aspect in enterprise mobility. This is an key differentiator over Mobility service or platform provider capabilities. A person who understand the OTA capabilities and what level the provider or platform provide the flexibility to create and manage the mobile app deliveries. >> Category: Technology
  • MDM: Mobile Device Management Overview    By: Arivuvel Ramu

    In 2010-2013, MDM is the buzz word in Enterprise Mobility world since Mobile itself very diversified by OS, Platform, version, resolutions, providers, SS and SSP. Now MDM is part of evaluation criteria in every Mobile Application Development RFPs/RFIs. Its important to know the various MDM capabilities for the enterprises to take right decisions. >> Category: Technology
  • 3M MAC Protocol Review    By: NILAMADHAB MISHRA

    In this article a 3M MAC protocol review has been made. This is a multi-group, multi-pipeline and multi-channel MAC protocol in wireless ad hoc network. >> Category: Technology
  • Build, Deploy and Test - Advanced Software Development Practice - Part 1    By: Arivuvel Ramu

    Being an Experienced Architect, Understand the pain of development of complex software development, development team pain points, which developed software being deployed into multiple platforms and being tested and certified. >> Category: Technology
  • Test Driven Development Methodology (TDD) - Part 1    By: Arivuvel Ramu

    TDD is one of the core practices of Extreme Programming (XP). Lets go over the high level overview of TDD. >> Category: Technology
  • Physical Toys and Digital Games    By: NILAMADHAB MISHRA

    The discussion is made on physical toys and digital games. A trend was discussed, that migrates from real world experience to the experience of digital world, so as to make more reality and user friendly. >> Category: Technology
  • IoT Based Smart Apps    By: NILAMADHAB MISHRA

    Major problems for IoT big-data analytics are discussed here along with other effective proposals. IoT Apps means - Internet of Things Applications. >> Category: Technology
  • Know About RAID, NAS and SAN    By: Arivuvel Ramu

    RAID, NAS and SAN are key concepts in storage. As an IT Architect that you should know what each stands for and how and where to use this. >> Category: Technology
  • Some Research Extractions    By: NILAMADHAB MISHRA

    Here some latest research discussions are made in Internet-of-Things, sensors, crowd sensing and other sensitive areas >> Category: Technology
  • What are the Problems with Water Softeners?    By: Haripriya Munipalli

    The water that has high mineral content in it is known as hard water. Elimination of magnesium, calcium and other positive ions of the metal from hard water is called as water softening. >> Category: Technology
  • Image Editing - In Less Than 30 Seconds    By: Sreedhar Srinivasan

    Any image especially scanned output is subject to dust, dark layers etc. In order to quickly remove unwanted dust and to improve the white balance for better contrast, the following steps can be done in less than 30 seconds. >> Category: Technology
  • Cost Efficient Backup Performance With Sony DDS-4 Tape Drive    By: Rob Miller

    Sony SDT-D11000PB tape drive is read-write compatible with DDS4, DDS3, DDS2 and DDS1 media. Sony DDS-4 drive delivers exceptional performance in modern storage environments. 40GB compressed data can be recorded on a single Sony DDS4 tape. >> Category: Technology
  • The Conversion of Solar Energy into Electric Power    By: Haripriya Munipalli

    The efficiency of the conversion of photovoltaic cell is the measure of solar energy transformed into electrical energy through the photovoltaic device. The research involves improvement of conversion efficiency. >> Category: Technology
  • Enterprise Mobility Architecture - PART 1    By: Arivuvel Ramu

    Architecting solutions for small, medium and large enterprises to enable Mobile channel using a Mobile Application Development Platform (MADP) that includes Mobile Enterprise Application Platform (MEAP) and Mobile Consumer Application Platform (MCAP) and server their customer for self-service facility. >> Category: Technology
  • Some Findings in Cloud Computing    By: NILAMADHAB MISHRA

    A broad anticipation has hold your horses concerning cloud computing as the next cutting edge in the modern technological world. >> Category: Technology
  • Some Research Concepts in LTE-A and Sensor Networking    By: NILAMADHAB MISHRA

    Power redeemable appliance in LTE-Advanced networks, Range-free localization in wireless sensor networks and Data fusion architecture. Here some research talks are focused with brief discussions. >> Category: Technology
  • Some New Directions to Numerous Research    By: NILAMADHAB MISHRA

    Here some new research directions of sensor networks and webs are highlighted in a way that can lead further research analysis. >> Category: Technology
  • Some Research Bursts    By: NILAMADHAB MISHRA

    Here some hidden research themes are exploited based on a state of discussion. >> Category: Technology
  • Reverse Nearest Neighbors Search in Wireless Broadcast Environment    By: NILAMADHAB MISHRA

    In this presentation, prof Liu highlighted initially the wireless data broadcasting and the access of data in mobile environment, which are described as pull based, push based, on demand push based and hybrid based. Data broadcasting is an effective way to distribute information to a large amount of mobile clients in wireless mobile environments. >> Category: Technology
  • Reading Report Base on Various Research Paper-1    By: NILAMADHAB MISHRA

    In this scenario, my objective is to highlight the design of the various paper reading reports to incorporate the various historical research problems and solved solutions. >> Category: Technology
  • Role of Induction Motors in Industries    By: Shruthi R N

    In this article we will cover the need for induction motors, various applications of induction motors. We will also touch upon the selection procedure. There are many manufacturers and customers for induction motors. This article also contains the various types of induction motors that are exisiting in the market >> Category: Technology
  • Research Issues in Sensors and Clouds    By: NILAMADHAB MISHRA

    Here some efficient static and dynamic task management and re tasking issues are discussed along with the VANET to cloud issue. >> Category: Technology
  • A Middle-aged Man's Monologue.    By: Alex Gordon

    Background: New Histories University Online Newspaper. Topic: Days That Shook The World. The middle aged cynic. What is their view on the invention of the World Wide Web? >> Category: Technology
  • Want to Drive Business to New Height, Get Broadband at Your Workplace    By: sheila oberg

    We're living in a digital society where a good internet connection is vital to the everyday operation of businesses. With markets becoming more and more internet based, the world is demanding better, faster and reliable broadband connections. >> Category: Technology
  • Some Research Issuses in Networks    By: NILAMADHAB MISHRA

    Here a attention has been made on certain contemporary research concerns in Wimax and wireless sensor network. >> Category: Technology
  • Research Issues in IOT and Embedded System    By: NILAMADHAB MISHRA

    Here three important things are to be decorated. Platform for IOT, sensing target for IOT and standards for IOT, also an attractive blend has made in between operating system, embedded system and real time system. >> Category: Technology
  • An Innovative Integration of Optical Network With High Performance DMS    By: NILAMADHAB MISHRA

    Here focuses are made manly in two areas that have wide impact to optical network and digital media services, those are high resolution scientific visualization and high quality real time consumer driven media productions and distributions. >> Category: Technology
  • Multi Inter Diciplinary Researches in Computer Science    By: NILAMADHAB MISHRA

    The research in computer science almost penetrates to each and every sphere from health science to biological science with having different applications like sensor applications , wireless communications applications and many more. >> Category: Technology
  • Trends on Cloud Computing and it's Applications    By: NILAMADHAB MISHRA

    The cloud computing must adopt with the public utility system, which includes the traditional telephony system.A novel integration between Internet of things (IOT), internet of media (IOM), internet of service (IOS) and internet of enterprises (IOE) enables the cloud computing less expensive but high energy efficient . >> Category: Technology
  • Research Trends in Computer and Information Engineering    By: NILAMADHAB MISHRA

    some recent trends in computer and information engineering plays vital impact in the modern digital world . The individual trend is headed by some research discussions relating to the current scenario. >> Category: Technology
  • Encapsulation Technology in Food    By: divya s

    Encapsulation technology is applied in many industries, including food, medicines, fragrance and scratch-n-sniff products. This article will tell you a clear idea about the use of encapsulation technology in food and its application. It actually act as one of the preservation techniques by protecting the core material using a suitable encapsulate or coating material and finally different techniques are used for the stabilization of the core material. Mechanism of core material release and techniques were explained. >> Category: Technology
  • The Phone Systems Happens to Be Oxygen For Any Business    By: Roger Back

    With business mobile such a focal point in today's communication, we have placed ourselves amongst the leaders in offering business mobile phones to UK businesses. >> Category: Technology
  • MySQL Development in Brief    By: Raja Vikram

    MySQL is a relational database management system. It is highly and mostly used RDBMS in world. MySQL is owned by Oracle. >> Category: Technology
  • Information Display Systems in Brief    By: Raja Vikram

    Information is the message which is required to be conveyed from one party to the other. For everything in this world we need information to pass on. Information is the important part of communication. >> Category: Technology
  • What's Wrong With Progressing Science?    By: TheDust YouOverSaw

    the article emphasis the present state of humans approach towards science and technology, it throws light on how people are forgetting the basics and fundamentals of science and relaying on it very blindly, it gives numerous examples on how relaying on science blinding ignoring the fundamentals can be hazardous in the big picture. >> Category: Technology
  • What is    By: Raja Vikram is a web application framework. It is being build and designed by Microsoft. The application of is to build dynamic websites, web applications and web services. >> Category: Technology
  • Audio Conference System    By: Raja Vikram

    Communication has really changed the phase. It has helped us to reach people over mobile without any movement in physical. We communicate to all the people who are even away from us. There is no barrier for borders as rightly said it is a borderless world. >> Category: Technology
  • Increase Productivity With Providers From Outsourcing Companies    By: Steve Markson

    You can easily cut your costs, when operating your business, by employing any IT outsourcing company to do the tasks on your behalf. The services provided by outsourcing jobs include finance, accounting, payroll management, benefit administration, analytics, data processing, researches and information technology. >> Category: Technology
  • Rolling Out High Speed Business Broadband in UK    By: Mayor Hudson

    Businesses that require several phone lines and broadband Internet service can save money by paying for one dedicated T1 line instead of paying for separate individual phone lines. >> Category: Technology
  • What is PHP? (Sofware Development)    By: Raja Vikram

    This is for a brief idea of PHP and application. PHP is widely used server side scripting language for building websites. As it can be embedded in HTML we can edit date and times and manage web cookies with it. >> Category: Technology
  • What to Look For in a Projector For Conference Room?    By: Raja Vikram

    This is a brief description to know what to look for in a projector before purchase. >> Category: Technology
  • Video Conference - For a Better World    By: Raja Vikram

    This is about a brief description for video conference and its advantages. >> Category: Technology
  • What is Microsoft Sharepoint?    By: Raja Vikram

    This article is for an idea of Microsoft sharepoint and its advantages. >> Category: Technology
  • How Do I Fix Error 80048821    By: Belix Tasa

    There are times when the common MSN Messenger user or maybe Live MSN user is not able to logon to his own account . >> Category: Technology
  • IP Address :    By: Senna Altona

    What is IP It is normally a personal IP address that is put for the default IP throughout the producing of modems. >> Category: Technology
  • An Approach to Mobile Phone Forensics    By: Aniruddha Datta

    Mobile phone forensics is the science of recovering digital evidence from a mobile phone under forensically sound conditions using accepted methods. >> Category: Technology

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