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  • The Time to Prepare is Now for the Next Disaster    By: Rosetta Maise

    In our current world of politics can you afford to rely on Congress or FEMA to help in your greatest time of need after a natural disaster? You do not have to answer with words you are answering with your actions by doing something or doing nothing. The good part about your answer is you reap the benefits. The bad part about your answer is you pay the price. Death is not the worst thing that can happen to us, starting over is not something that we can control but how much we suffer in the start over process is a big deal that can shape your attitude at what might be your lowest point in life. The only person you will be able to depend on is you. Will you do something to help yourself today? Act now begin to get the right supplies for survival, not because you want to but because it is the right thing to do. >> Category: Education
  • Benefits of Online English Classes    By: Zunaid Ashraf

    Students who want to learn English as a second language have a choice to make. Do they enroll in a commonplace language school or take on line classes. >> Category: Education
  • Civil Law in Human's Life    By: Dr. Riad Mr. Hussein Abu Saeeda Abu Saeeda

    After that labored jurisprudence and the judiciary to draw perspective legislator to this lack legislative coverage problem injustice to all contracts netting and not restricted to sales, which narrows the scope, was to understand a big role in trying to find the foundations underlying the judiciary in its provisions and to demand that the legislature blocked this Legislative shortage. The legisl >> Category: Education
  • Should College Campus Safety Officers Be Armed? Part 1    By: George Babnick

    Creating and ensuring a safe environment on college campuses is critical in fostering a healthy learning environment. This article, first in a series of two articles, examines crime and safety on college campuses and discusses the benefits and disadvantages of having armed security or police officers on campus. >> Category: Education
  • Should College Campus Safety Officers Be Armed? Part 2    By: George Babnick

    Creating and ensuring a safe environment on college campuses is critical in fostering a healthy learning environment. This article, second in a series of two articles, examines crime and safety on college campuses and discusses the benefits and disadvantages of having armed security or police officers on campus. >> Category: Education
  • Tips to Promote Your Online Brand    By: Digital Institute

    Digital marketing is offering new terms of engagement between customers and online brands; it is also redesigning media applications. Research has proved that the most valuable consumers prefer digital media. Therefore in order be truly successful in an online brand promotion, a gradual strategy has to incorporate from the start. >> Category: Education
  • Tricks of a Conjuror: How Mentalist Carl Swindler Fools Our Brains    By: Jim Nickolas

    Psychological illusionist Carl Swindler depends on social cues, misdirection, and the predictability of human cognition to influence the audience's perceptions, or, belief systems, forcing them to draw false conclusions. >> Category: Education
  • Applications of Computers in Various Fields    By: Nita Shah

    Computers have found applications in numerous fields.Some of them are education, medicine, defense, administration, entertainment etc. The use of computers have changed the way of doing work. >> Category: Education
  • A Brief Journey Through Evolution of Computers    By: Nita Shah

    Evolution of modern computers from first computer developed by Charles Babbage to generations of Computers leading to numerous applications of it. The advent of Computers have revolutionalized the way of working. Today we are heading towards fifth generation of computors which will work on artificial intelligence. >> Category: Education
  • How to Get Success in Exams    By: Nita Shah

    To get success is every student's dream. the article is about how to be organized well and plan the course work and study time and how to face the exam and come out with flying colors. >> Category: Education
  • Ambion in Life ( Mine is to become a teacher)    By: Tahmina Sajjad

    When a person comes close to his aim he may be said to achieve his gain in life. My Ambition is life is to become a Teacher. >> Category: Education
  • Why 'One Exam Board Only' is Destructive For Less-Privileged Children    By: Jade Azim

    The sudden scrapping of optional exam boards will do nothing more than increase inequality. Micheal Gove recently announced the scrapping of GCSEs in favour of an English Baccalaureate Certificate under one exam board. >> Category: Education
  • Be Bold and Courageous in Life    By: Liyakat Shah

    Courageous people are always successful in life. In spite of many odd like situations they adjust with the surroundings. They sacrifice their comfort and luxury for time being and look forward for their bright future. They know the definition that every hard work has a sweet fruits. But for such bright future they need to sail in a boat of patience and tolerance >> Category: Education
  • Make English More Easy and Simple    By: Liyakat Shah

    We are living in modern world and everywhere we go we come across English language. But very sad to say that our students do not feel comfortable with English especially our non-English medium students, there are many reasons for that the first and foremost is that they have fear for English subject >> Category: Education
  • Pollution and its ill effects    By: Liyakat Shah

    Pollution word is very much familiar to us it simply means that all harmful changes that occur in our environment due to human activities is called as pollution. And very sad to say that human plays a key role in this pollution. It would be not wrong if we say that human are totally responsible for this pollution around the world >> Category: Education
  • The Trials and Tribulations of My Last Weeks of Sixth Form    By: Daniel Gardre

    I describe my tough road to getting into University, especially focused on my English Language course and my teachers mistakes. >> Category: Education
  • Education as Knowledge | Focus on cognitive conjuncture    By: Rachel Hewlett

    One of the main processes that make up a holistic educational process is the process of learning. This is a very complex process of objective reality, as well as the process of education and writing. This process includes a wide variety of connections and relationships of the set of different factors of different nature. Hence, there are many definitions of the process. >> Category: Education
  • Interactive Classrooms    By: Raja Vikram

    Classrooms are turning Interactive. Students are enjoying the new mode of learning. Technology is helping students to enjoy the lessons and learn quickly >> Category: Education
  • Scope of Mechanical Engineering    By: Rose Lina

    Mechanical Engineering has been one of the oldest and most popular branches of engineering. It is often regarded as the mother branch. The major feature of the field is its broad and knowledgeable aura. All the inventions which were done during the medieval periods are now used in the field of mechanics. >> Category: Education
  • Storybooks For Kids Are Great For Getting Your Child to Read, Think Again    By: Isaiah Jose

    This storybooks for kids is about an adorable Maltese called Poochie who came to Singapore when he was only six weeks old. >> Category: Education
  • Technology Changing Education    By: Raja Vikram

    This is about technology and changing pattern of education a brief idea. >> Category: Education
  • Relevance of Today's Education    By: sanjeevv shrivastavaa

    Relevance of today's education system seems to be searching its wings between the bi -polar end of commercialism and degrading moral value. Whether be the MACAULAY education system or wood's dispatch 1854, the ultimate goal of education has remained always deprived and derailed. Education, today need to be reviewed and accountability need to be maintained between the actual aim of education and its professional gain. World education must aim at equality, liberty and co-ordination of interest. It must avail self- independence, vocational and creative skill. It should be in a way to propound the dignity of labor and work as a religious duty. >> Category: Education
  • What Are the Effectiveness of Academic Summer Camps?    By: Jimmy Sorensen

    All students have different perceptions about summer camps. Some students would prefer going for a vacation during their summer holidays while others would want to indulge in fun and educational activities of summer camps. >> Category: Education
  • You Know the Song Like a G6 Feeling, So Fly Like a G6    By: Senna Altona

    Exactly what is a G6? The China Movement's musical hit 'Like a G6' hit the actual #1 place along the Billboard songs graph and or chart the final week in October The year 2010, nevertheless many individuals may not be certain precisely what the particular single is all about. >> Category: Education
  • Everything About IP Address    By: Senna Altona

    Besides, one more personal IP address which is very popular is without question, and additionally including the different private IPs, it's purpose should be to protect the data files which goes through it. >> Category: Education
  • Save Lives of Girls    By: ankita gupta

    This article denotes the importance of girls as equal to boys. People should stop killing girls and should stop treating them as slaves and objects. Girls are needed by men at every step in their life so they should welcome their birth like they welcome the birth of a boy child. >> Category: Education
  • Skills to Combat Disaster    By: Liyakat Shah

    Building a strong mind and body, keeping ourselves mentally and physically healthy and flexible to adjust to any situation, developing presence of mind and capacity to predict the future odds that can happen in the given situation, having compassion for all those who are victims of the situations and helping all those who can be helped in the circumstances are the basic qualities one must develop to combat disinters well >> Category: Education
  • Causes of Stress    By: Liyakat Shah

    Stress, as we have seen, is caused by a number of factors. If it is not handles well, it can ruin our life. But there are some causes of stress that are created by us. We must know, notice and handle these causes in order to reduce self created stress >> Category: Education
  • Knowledge is Power    By: Liyakat Shah

    Knowledge a sort of thing that separates an ignorant person from learned one. Knowledge is must and without knowledge a body is like without soul. Hence it is necessary for a person to gain knowledge at any cost. Today, many institutions have sprung up with both the intension that is imparting education and earning money from it >> Category: Education
  • Importance of School Curriculum    By: Rahul Sen

    Like every project that needs a framework to guide its progress, education too needs some planning to guide the teachers and the students. The frame work mostly consists of pointers like the resources for the task, the steps that need to be taken and the goals that need to be achieved. In case of a school such a framework would consist of a set of courses, including their content, the teaching met >> Category: Education
  • Prefer MBA After Graduation    By: Raja Vikram

    This is article is to brief you about Management studies after graduation. >> Category: Education
  • National Integration and Patriotisms    By: Liyakat Shah

    India is a land of multilingual and different types of religion are being preached and practiced here. Anyone can join any religion of his or her choice. The Constitution of India gives equal opportunities to all the people residing in India. India has varied culture in food, customs, and languages and so on. In spite of such device and varied culture we all are one and this is the key factor of national integration and patriotism >> Category: Education
  • Right to Information (RTI)    By: Liyakat Shah

    When we use our right to information properly with responsibility and also provide the right information to authorities when needed, we can work to curb corruption quite effective >> Category: Education
  • Getting Your Child Help in School    By: Steve Renolds

    Most parents want to ensure that their children are getting the best education that is possible. They may put them in a private school, trying to keep them from some of the pressures that are seen in public schools, but there are also some additional things that can be done which will assist their children getting the education that they need as well. >> Category: Education
  • Repentance Towards Almighty Allah    By: Liyakat Shah

    Repentance means an act to feel sorry and pity for our bad work which is being done in past or present by us. Allah Tabaraq Watala loves repentance done by human beings and repentance of human beings is accepted by Allah Rabbul Izzat probably that evil work is not repeated again and again >> Category: Education
  • How to Choose a College That Fits You    By: Emily Fong

    When you are considering furthering your education, there are some serious choices that need to be made in order for you to do so successfully. You need to ensure that you are choosing the right type of education and that you are pursuing a career that you will be able to maintain for the long-term. It is also important to ensure that you are choosing a college that is going to be to your benefit >> Category: Education
  • Some Timely Reminders on Spoken English    By: kamaraju pulugurtha

    There are always some eager recipients for tips on Spoken English.We pay an attention to the skill and we are prepared to strengthen our ability .There is a need for a Forum so that we can discuss our learning-experience. >> Category: Education
  • How to Save Money in Today's Economy    By: Emily Fang

    The economy has made a difference in many of our lives, and at times, it can change our lifestyle. Of course, we all need to adjust throughout our lives to different situations, and for many of us, the downturn in the economy is really just another adjustment. >> Category: Education
  • Fundamental Rights of Indian Citizen    By: Liyakat Shah

    Indian Constitution has given six Fundamental Rights to every individual residing in India. The rights cannot be denied by any individual and if anyone dares to do so than we can approach to the court against such violation. Fundamental Rights gives equal opportunity to every citizen of India. >> Category: Education
  • School Teachers and Students    By: Liyakat Shah

    School an institution whose sole intention remains to impart good and qualitative education to the pupils and for this purpose some people gather to form an organization, foundation or a society. But now a day's many of aided schools or English medium schools have diverted this procedure as a means of business profession >> Category: Education
  • Our Craze For English    By: kamaraju pulugurtha

    Our love for English is not rational. We do not treat it as a skill to be cultivated. We establish an emotional attachment with it. As any other skill, English is to be nurtured to our advantage and the matter should be rested there. >> Category: Education
  • Learning English is Important Today    By: abul islam

    Necessity for learning English for a job seekers and a man of present age. >> Category: Education
  • Can we Ensure Right to Education (India)    By: Devendra Pandey

    The Right of Children to Free and Compulsory Education Act or Right to Education Act (RTE) describes the modalities of the provision of free and compulsory education for children between 6 and 14 in India under Article 21A of the Indian Constitution. The Supreme Court upheld the various provisions of the Right to Education Act, 2009. The article discusses on ensuring education as right. >> Category: Education
  • Importance of Summer Project in MBA    By: Raja Vikram

    In short, The article describes the importance of summer project for the career growth. >> Category: Education
  • The Images of Back Children in Gwendolyn Brook's Poetry: A Study    By: p.suresh kumar R.panneerselvam

    Abstract:Gwndolyn Brook's poetic career ranges from obscure beginning to pinnacles of fame. Born and brought up in the urban ghettos of Bronzeville, she won the first major award in 1943 at the Midwestern writers'conference, and has today come to be recognized as the grand dame of twentieth century American poetry >> Category: Education
  • The Strangulation of Our Nation With Education    By: Byron Hildebrand

    Education debt is out of control in America. A student now has to trade 4 years of education for 20 to 30 year of debt. 4 years for 20 is not good odds. >> Category: Education
  • Ethical Perspectives    By: Christopher Weber

    This essay will discuss the writings and opinions of Milton Friedman (Friedman), Peter F. Drucker (Drucker), and Patrick E. Murphy (Murphy). All three authors are known management authorities that wrote books and articles on business ethics and social responsibility. In some segments of the business community, many believe the focus of business should be on business activities and therefore courses in ethics are not necessary. >> Category: Education
  • Why Fear to Unseen Passage?    By: Liyakat Shah

    The first and foremost thing is that be prepared mentally and physically before appearing for the English paper. Fear of God and not for paper. It is He who would lead you to the success >> Category: Education
  • Master of Computer Applications (MCA) - Basics and Entrance Test Information    By: Ashutosh Mishra

    This article concentrates on all the essential details regarding the booming course in the field of Computer Science and Applications known as Master of Computer Applications (M C A). >> Category: Education
  • Globalizing Education: Educating The Local Through International Acade    By: anagha gg

    International Academic Collaboration (IAC): Being a source for foreign exchange through NRIs working abroad, India has to build the force of intellectual human capital. India has an advantage of demographic dividend that can be encashed only by empowering human talents to hold higher positions in the industry. India has to find a strategy to effectively deal with the multiple challenges in the education sector of improving literacy, qualit >> Category: Education

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