Many parents do not encourage the idea of homeschooling. In case of boys, they are more likely to avoid the reading practice than girls. Parents find the vivid difference between the students of homeschooled and traditionally-schooled. When students are going to traditional schools, then their reading skills are tested on regular basis. Because in case of traditional schooling, teaching methods are highly dependent on the reading skill of the students and this kind of teaching method strongly believes that reading habit is the means of learning any subject easily.

But in case of homeschooling, parents do have more flexibility to structure different homeschooling programs, which can help to fulfill the need of each individual student. In that case, if we can create parental involvement in the success of the children's reading habit, then children will be more encouraged. More children will see us reading, more they will understand the value of reading.

In order to encourage homeschooled children, you should follow certain tips:
• You should make your child realize the importance of reading. You should explain the value of education and different career prospects for future success.
• You should know the current interest area of the kid, and accordingly, you should work on it. Once they will be encouraged to work on the reading skill, then gradually they will start mastering the subject.
• You should encourage your kid to get enrolled in any nearby library or online library. So that they can get an access to those books, which they want to read.
• You should take your kids to different bookstores, where they will get to know about different books available in the market for their chosen subject.
• If you have two kids, then ask your younger one to read with the elder one and learn each lesson from the elder sibling.
• Don't force your kids to read and take any subject without their interest. Rather, look for those homeschooling programs, which can encourage kids to get attached to the subject.
• Encourage kids to read aloud. So that you can understand what they are reading. And, if they make any mistake, then you can correct them.
• Choose reading materials wisely. If reading materials seem not making them attracted towards it, then you should try other kind of material.
• You should put many creative efforts to attract students towards the study. Not only books but also other study materials should also be incorporated to make your students attached to the studies.

In this way, being a parent, you can always make your home environment conducive for your kids' studies.

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