One of the skills you need to know as a parent is how to get your child to be interested in studies. Studying is key to the academic and overall development of your child, but unfortunately, most children are not interested in studies. Your children will prefer to watch television, play video games and do many other things other than studying, affecting their academic performance. This is how to get your child interested in studies.

Provide a print-rich environment.

Fill your home with all sorts of print materials; school books, magazines, newspapers, flyers and other reading materials. You can also have a small bookshelf for children, fill it with children books and place it in your child's room or anywhere your child likes to relax.

Be an example.

It has been proven that children learn from what others do than what they are told. If you want to get your children to be interested in studies, read often. Read your books in your free time instead of watching movies or television, this will get your children interested in studies. They will always take books to read in their spare time instead of playing around.

Reward their efforts.

Children are motivated when their good actions are rewarded. When your children take steps to read, reward them with small gifts. Book gifts are the best gifts to give in this case. Congratulate them when their academic performance improves, take them to dinner or buy them lunch.

Fun Learning Activities.

To get your child to get interested in studies, make learning fun for them. Buy them puzzles and games that they can have fun with but be learning at the same time. You can get them crossword puzzles, quiz games on subjects, mathematical games or more practically, take your child to a road trip and count items along the way.

Encourage your child join a reading club.

Find a reading club close to you and encourage your child to join. When kids join an environment of this kind where everyone love to read and study, they will love to read and study too. this is a great day to teach your child to get interested in studies. You may also register your child at the local library where they can borrow books and sit to read and study.

Keeping of diaries.

Encourage your child to keep written record of all they read in a day. Then ask him questions based on what they have recorded in the diaries. Take time to discuss with your child what is written, this will let it stick in his memory and also tell the child you are interested in his studies, and will encourage to do more. Ask him for practical examples or try to relate the reading to a real life circumstance. This will help the child memorize what he has read, hence getting him more interested in studies.

Do all you can to get your children interested in studies; this is the path to success.

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