I am writing this article because I have an experience of passing UGC-NET examination myself. I have passed UGC-NET not once but twice. I passed the examination in June,2005 with Economics as a subject. Then again I passed the examination in Management in 2010. Both the subjects are considered to be tough for passing the UGC-NET examination. I will like to share some of the secrets on how to pass the examination which are as follows:

1) Please go through the question paper of last few years. This gives you an insight into what type of questions are asked in the examination. Try to access your understanding of the questions asked in the past.You can try to solve the questions with the help of a book as well. This would ensure that you will end up solving around 100 odd questions of your subjects.Many important sections of your subject would get covered this way.

2) The next step is to develop a good habit of writing theoretical questions, especially the lengthy ones. When you study the subject for which you are going to write UGC-NET examination, keep on making note on important topics of the subjects. For example in management, concepts like theories related to dividend and cost of capital is asked frequently. Hence it would be wise to cover all such relevant concepts related to your subjects.

3) Follow the syllabus of your subject. Read all the topics in detail. It is better to avoid selective reading. When you read the subject in full, the possibility that any of the questions will be missed by you gets reduced substantially. In Management, you can cover finance, marketing, HR, IT and production related topics. Similarly in Economics, cover Micro, Macro, Indian Economics and Public finance.

4) For the first paper of general intelligence, you should refer to any standard book published on the subject. Upkar Publication has one such book which you can read.There are certain tricky questions on teaching ability and qualities of a teacher. Try to be very analytical while answering these questions.

5) The general knowledge for the subject can't be studied separately. Whatever knowledge that you have gathered till now will alone help you.

UGC-NET is not easy to crack, hence you need to be very systematic while approaching the examination. For any help you need in Economics and Management, write to me.

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